Pretty simple: Building a well-oiled sales system and hiring for sales can feel near impossible for most businesses. We take that off your plate. We build you an Outbound Operating System™️ AND recruit, hire, and train your salespeople for you to operate within the system.

First, Who do we work with?…

We work with 7 & 8-figure B2B service companies & consulting firms like yourself who are growth-ready, want to get sales right, want predictability in your growth, and want an Outbound Sales System built for them AND staffed with trained sales people who can produce.

WHAT DO WE DO FOR Businesses?

As an elite group of systems-oriented sales leaders, recruiters, client success managers, tech people, and trainers focused solely on the B2B service and consulting space, we help CEO's experience predictability in their pipeline by building a world class sales system with trained sales people inside your business.

Over the course of a few months, we install proven sales processes in your business, recruit your first or next salesperson with our seasoned recruiting team, train them to be elite-level producers, and build your sales tech stack to make them efficient and effective. Then, if you want it… we'll even install a super affordable (yet incredibly skilled) fractional sales manager on the back end to even run everything for you.

What Is The Process?

At this point, we've hired and trained hundreds of salespeople, built over 350 sales operations for B2B service and consulting firms, and hired more sales people than we can count at this point.

The process is dialed.

…and it all starts with clicking this very big, very obvious button below to schedule a call with us to begin exploring the potential of us working together.

Upon speaking to our client advisory team and we determine that your business is a good candidate for OutboundOS™️, then we will make the first of two decisions.

Decision #1: The Sales Driven Roadmap
Even if you're already completely sold… contain your excitement.

Our ultimate goal is your success.

That said, even after discovery conversations and feeling each other out we want to make sure of two things: 1) We believe we can deliver for you without a doubt, and 2) You have that same belief about us.

So, before jumping into OutboundOS™️ and letting us build you a well-oiled sales system AND hiring and training your sales people, we do what we call the Sales Driven Roadmap™️

Our Roadmap is a 1-week sprint where we run your business through a 51 question, 8 category Sales Ops Readiness Assessment™️ followed by an Executive Clarity Interview with the sole purpose of producing a 35 slide breakdown of where you're currently at, where you want to go, and how OutboundOS can (or cannot) help you get there. 

Here's a brief video rundown of this 1-week roadmap:

Once the 1-week Roadmap sprint is over. We are left with 1 more decision. 

Decision #2: Move Forward With OutboundOS™️

Assuming we go through the roadmap process, we identify where you're currently at, understand where you want to go with the business, lay out what OutboundOS™️ would look like for your specific situation, and our team believes we can deliver…

You have to decide whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze and therefore make the decision to build the sales system and team to help you grow your business (a.k.a. move forward with OutboundOS™️.

Good news…

You don't have to make either decision right this second. Let's first have a discovery question where we can ask all the questions we need to feel good about doing the roadmap and you can ask all of the questions you need to feel good about walking down this path.

Button below gets you on the calendar to start that conversation.

“We were knocking on death's door as a company. We were losing money and really trying to nail our market fit when we hired Sales Driven Agency. Our existing salespeople weren't performing and nobody was operating inside a proven process. Having worked with SDA, we are now thriving and are in the process of securing some really big investments from large VC's that would have never been possible without SDA dialing in our processes, hiring our salespeople, and training us on how to run the sales operation.”

– Christina H.