Building a winning sales strategy, scalable infrastructure, and hiring for sales can feel near impossible for most service companies. We take that off your plate. We build you an Outbound Operating System™️ AND recruit, hire, and train your salespeople for you to operate within the system.

First, Who do we work with?…

We work with established B2B service companies & consulting firms like yours, that is service companies doing between $3m and $30m in revenue. Our clients are growth-ready, sales focused, and want a sales infrastructure and operation that spits out profitable revenue and takes market share.

WHAT DO WE DO FOR Businesses?

As an elite group of VPs of Sales who are strategy-led and services-supported. What does that mean? Our Fractional VPs lead the charge for your organization when it comes to your go-to-market sales strategy and plan. Once that plan is in place, they bring in our sales enablement department of recruiters, technologists, project managers, data providers, and trainers focused solely on the B2B service and consulting space.

A Fractional VP of Sales will sit alongside your organization on a very affordable retainer to strategize and orchestrate your entire sales department (as well as play a role in leading and managing your current or eventual salespeople). When appropriate, they will bring in our sales enablement department to tackle projects that are in alignment with the strategy (build out the lead generation operation, assemble account executive/closers, buildout the processes and technology stack, staff, train, manage, and so on). Then they remain in place leading the department and reporting to your leadership team. 
We are truly your Fractionl VP of Sales.

What Is The Process?

At this point, we've built over 350 sales operations for B2B service and consulting firms and hired more sales people than we can count at this point.

Our process is dialed.

…and it all starts with clicking this very big, very obvious button below to schedule a call with us to begin exploring the potential of us working together.

Upon speaking to our client advisory team and we determine that your business is qualified to explore further the possibility of having a Fractional VP of Sales we begin the strategy.

This looks like a 90-minute strategy intensive with one of our Fractional VP of Sales. We don't hand these out like candy because they are completely free to you and expensive for us. However, we want to dive deep into potential client's businesses to determine whether or not we believe we are best fit to help you hit your goals and fill your gaps.

These calls are not a vailed sales pitch. They are a true workshop. We will analyze your assessment, stack rank priority problems, and solve a few actual problems in your business.

It will be so valuable that if we do determine we can help you, it's going to be incredibly difficult for you to say “no.” 

Hence, why we do them.

If we do determine we can and want to help, we will offer to assemble a 12 month flight plan on what we believe your company will need to hit your specific goals.

“We were knocking on death's door as a company. We were losing money and really trying to nail our market fit when we hired Sales Driven Agency. Our existing salespeople weren't performing and nobody was operating inside a proven process. Having worked with SDA, we are now thriving and are in the process of securing some really big investments from large VC's that would have never been possible without SDA dialing in our processes, hiring our salespeople, and training us on how to run the sales operation.”

– Christina H.