Pretty simple: Hiring for sales can feel near impossible for most agencies. We take that off your plate. We recruit, hire, and train your salesperson for you—and guarantee their success.

First, Who do we work with?…

We work with digital and creative agency owners like yourself who are growth-minded, want to get sales right, want predictability in your growth, want salespeople selling instead of you, and humble enough to admit you need help.

WHAT DO WE DO FOR agencies?

As an elite group of systems-oriented sales leaders, recruiters, and trainers focused solely on the digital agency space, we help agency owners remove themselves from sales through our unique, best-in-class sales operation framework.

Over the course of a few months, we install proven sales processes in your agency, recruit your first or next salesperson with our seasoned recruiting team, train them to be elite-level producers, and build your sales tech stack to make them efficient and effective.

What Is The Process?

At this point, we've hired and trained hundreds of salespeople, built over 350 sales operations for agencies, and had our clients close nearly $600 million in revenue.

The process is dialed.

…and it all starts with clicking this very big, very obvious button to schedule a call with us to begin exploring the potential of us working together.

Upon speaking to our client advisory team and we determine that your agency is a good candidate for our offers, then we will make one of two decisions.

Option 1:
Send you into our Recruit + Train Offer, which is a 60-day sprint to get you out of sales and have a salesperson recruited, hired, and trained to be producing.

We'll build out the ideal candidate profile, determine the perfect compensation plan, put my sales recruiting team to work to hunt for the right candidates, run them through our strict vetting process, present you with the top 4 vetted & qualified candidates for you to choose from, coach and train you on how to make the right hiring decision, build out the tech stack that they will operate on, build out their onboarding with you, run them through a world-class sales training accelerator that combines curriculum with homework and sales coaching with our sales trainers, track their progress with our training system and report back to you areas for improvement and accountability, and train you and your leadership on how to lead, coach, and manage them over the long haul (metrics to track, how to read the dashboards we build, what meetings to have, how to structure them, etc).


Option 2:
Send you into our Full Sales Operation Implementation, which is a 6-month engagement where we act as your standing, fractional VP of Sales. We architect your sales playbooks and processes from top to bottom, recruit/hire/train your salespeople and team, build out and customize the tech stack, do campaign strategy, and so on. 

It's the most comprehensive offer on the market. 

But, it's not for everyone. 

The biggest determining factors for either offer is going to be a combination of size, growth goals, liquidity to invest, and long term targets.

That's not for you to worry about at the moment. Let us steer that conversation and help you work through that decision.

“We were knocking on death's door as a company. We were losing money and really trying to nail our market fit when we hired Sales Driven Agency. Our existing salespeople weren't performing and nobody was operating inside a proven process. Having worked with SDA, we are now thriving and are in the process of securing some really big investments from large VC's that would have never been possible without SDA dialing in our processes, hiring our salespeople, and training us on how to run the sales operation.”

– Christina H.