Having built over 300 sales operations for agencies, we've dialed in our process to guarantee our client's success.

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Our Process



(You are currently here) In this phase, we're looking to make sure that the fit is there between your agency and ours before we engage. First step is an intro call (schedule that here) where we'll get an understanding of where you're at as an agency and if you're to take the next step with us. Following that call, there will be a Commitment call. Plainly put… when there is a fit, we move fast and get to a place of commitment. On this call, we're committing to 1 of 3 things: commit to work together, commit to shelf this for a time more appropriate, or commit to part ways.

Phase II

Sales Driven Roadmap

We can't take you where you want to go if we don't know where you're currently at. Thus, the Sales Driven Roadmap. Before jumping into a full engagement with us, we require that all clients go through our 10 day roadmap process that is both diagnostic (where you're currently at) and prescriptive (how we're going to take you from where you're at to where you want to go — being a sales driven agency). We'll produce a 35+ page report and plan that will inform the much larger engagement. At this point, you will be faced with the decision of whether or not you would like to move forward with us implementing this full roadmap — aka building out your sales operation.

Phase III

Kickoff & Foundations

Though every engagement differs in varying degrees based on the roadmap, every engagement will begin with a kickoff where we set expectations, roles, and goals. Our full team will be introduced to you and your team and we'll get to work. When we jump in, we move fast. In order to move fast, we must start with building out the foundations and making sure the base is secure to start “building upwards.” This may be building the tech stack, tightening the offer, gathering low-hanging fruit (aka quick wins to create usable revenue), or even sales staff augmentation (hiring/firing).

Phase IV


We're more than likely changing a lot about how your agency grows (for the better), but because there is a lot of change in the sales process and even the potential sales team we must first stabilize the sales operation. In sales, there is both the science AND art of sales. Think of this stage as the “science.”

Phase V


If we're going off of the “science and art of sales” language, this stage would be considered the “art.” Now that we're stablized we can begin optimizing facets of the sales operation by making tweaks to the process, getting more creative with our sales approach, layering in new tactics, hiring sales support roles to scale your sales team, etc. In a nutshell, we're poising you for scale. This where you start to see the compounding effect of our efforts over the previous 3-6 months.

Phase VI

Graduate — You're a Sales Driven Agency

Our goal has never been retention… our goal is graduation. You can never truly be an agency that grows predictably and sustainably if you're dependent on an outside party to grow and thrive. We build the car, teach you to drive, and hand you the keys.

We've built hundreds of sales operations. Don't make the costly mistake of trying to build this on your own. Take one simple first step and have a conversation with one of our marketing agency sales coaches.