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[Client Story] How A Leading Back Office Agency Used Sales Driven Agency To Rebuild A Sales Team From Scratch & Add $2 Million In Revenue In 90 Days

After engaging Sales Driven Agency to help solve problems that they were noticing within their sales operation, Fully Accountable was able to make drastic changes to their existing sales operation, rebuild a new sales team, and create $2 million in additional revenue in the first 90 days of working with us.

Notable Results:

  • Added $2m in revenue in 90 days
  • Forecasted to hit a $17m run rate within 18 months after being stuck around $4.2m
  • CEO, COO, and Leadership team completely removed from sales efforts

[Client Story] How A Small Web Development and Design Shop Went From Closing 1 Deal Per Month to 8 Deals Per Month In Less Than 3 Months

The Nine began working with Sales Driven Agency upon realizing that when they would hire salespeople to help sell their website development projects, they couldn't become predictably or create enough sales volume to justify a sales team.

Notable Results:

  • Crystallized an inconsistent offer and created a strong value proposition
  • Created a streamlined sales operation with process, technology, and people
  • Increased their closed deal volume from 1 deal per month to 8 deals per month

[Client Story] How A Leading Email Marketing Agency Grew Their Sales So Fast That They Had To Raise Their Prices (by a lot), Sell Longer Contracts, And Tell Their New Sales Team To Slow Down

Worth eCommerce approached Sales Driven Agency when they realized that they were in danger of “Tactic dependence.” They had grown to their size because they had found a “silver-bullet” tactic that was driving leads to their agency like clockwork. They began asking themselves the question, “what happens if this tactic goes away tomorrow?” They hired us to come in and create predictability and sustainability within their agency.

Notable Results:

  • Removed the co-founder from the sales day-to-day so he no longer needed to be involved in order to see growth
  • Helped build and train a sales team to sell that eventually enabled worth to increase their average deal size substantially while still growing their average close rate per sales person
  • Increased MRR by nearly 150k within 3 months

[Client Story] How A Full-Service Digital Agency For Manufacturers Increased Their Revenue By 43% After Being Stuck At The Same Revenue For 3 Years And Then Fired The Founder From Sales

Scott, the CEO of Key Marketing Group, was stuck at doing about $300,000 per year in revenue for 3 years straight even though he knew they were capable of doing more. He had been responsible for sales the entire time, yet had no process to carry that out and grow. being a smaller agency, he knew that he didn't have the resources to hire salespeople because he knew that they would likely fail due to his lack of experience on knowing how to set them up for success. After 4 months of working with Sales Driven Agency, Scott grew tremendously and removed himself from sales.

Notable Results:

  • Trained the founder to do very effective “founder-based” sales that maximized the little time he had available to sell
  • Grew from being stuck for 3 years at $300,000 in revenue to already projecting to end this year over $500,000 — a 66% increase in just 4 months
  • Removed himself from sales, got back his time, and onboarded a sales rep that's crushing it

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