We work with established B2B Service Companies to build their go-to-market sales strategy, assemble their sales department, and grow revenue as their fractional vp of sales

We are a strategy-led, services-supported fractional VP of Sales firm focused on being the #1 sales partner to B2B Professional Service companies doing between $3m – $30m in revenue


We become your Revenue CoPilot™️ that strategically partners with your company to build out sales strategy, hire & train sales staff, build sales technology stack, and operationalize all sales processes to streamline repeatable revenue growth.


Getting sales right for your business is incredibly challenging. We would know, having done it hundreds of times now.

You likely don't have the experience or time to try and figure it out for yourself.

So you have a few options:
Do nothing, Try to figure it out for yourself, Hire a VP of Sales, or the most logical… Hire Us.

Doing nothing will ensure you leave millions on the table. You'll stay stuck and you'll always have bottlenecks to growth (and happiness). So…

Do nothing.

Trying to figure it out on your own will result in heartache, lost time, and a duct taped bootleg version of a sales operation that likely won't produce profitably. So…

Figure it out on your own.

In theory, a full time VP of Sales would build all of this for you (the infrastructure, strategy, technology, processes, recruiting, training, management, etc.)

However, there are a few problems with this.

1) The cost. You'll pay a VP (a good one who is worth a damn) a minimum of $180k base salary + bonus structure (i.e. somewhere north of $250k annually…. forever).

2) The time. For a VP of Sales to devote to building your sales strategy, processes, hiring and training your salespeople, sourcing your tech stack, having that customized and integrated… you're looking at 18-24 months of your time and it'll cost you an arm and a leg, plus you'll run the risk of hiring someone who has likely never built a full-blown sales operation (maybe they've done it once)—let alone for a services company. (Did we mention a typical VP of Sales have a lifecycle of 2 years per company – not looking good)

3) The actual experience. Most VP's have built (maybe) 1 sales operation in their career and likely NEVER built one for a B2B services company… which has crazy nuances compared to, say SAAS, manufacturing, etc.

Can you afford to take that gamble?

Hire a VP of Sales.

So, that leaves you with the last (and most obvious) option.

Hire Us… your Fractional VP of Sales.

Here's the deal. We have a rather bullet proof offer when you actually wrap your mind around it.

We are a team of elite VPs of Sales who are backed by entire departments of recruiters, technologists, copywriters, data providers, and trainers who have built over 350 sales operations as a unit, for just service companies.

You read that correctly.

On top of that, we've hired hundreds and hundreds of salespeople.

And none of those stats would matter if we didn't drive results, right?

Nearly $600 million in closed, attributable revenue through our salespeople and processes. 

So, you're left with a choice. 

Choose the big button below.


As we've said before, we're damn good at what we do. Here are some recent case studies.


How A Leading Back Office Financial Services Firm Used Sales Driven Agency To Rebuild A Sales Team From Scratch & Add $2 Million In Revenue In 90 Days

After engaging Sales Driven Agency to help solve problems that they were noticing within their sales operation, Fully Accountable was able to make drastic changes to their existing sales operation, rebuild a new sales team, and create $2 million in additional revenue in the first 90 days of working with us.


Added $2m in revenue in 90 days


Forecasted to hit a $17m run rate within 18 months after being plateaued at $4.2m


CEO, COO, and Leadership team completely removed from sales efforts


How A Small Web Development and Design Shop Went From Closing 1 Deal Per Month to 8 Deals Per Month In Less Than 3 Months

The Nine began working with Sales Driven Agency upon realizing that when they would hire salespeople to help sell their website development projects, they couldn't become predictably or create enough sales volume to justify a sales team.


Crystallized an inconsistent offer and created a strong value proposition


Created a streamlined sales operation with process, technology, and people


Increased their closed deal volume from 1 deal per month to 8 deals per month

Worth ecommerce

How A Leading Email Marketing Agency Grew Their Sales So Fast That They Had To Raise Their Prices (by a lot), Sell Longer Contracts, And Tell Their New Sales Team To Slow Down — and then exited for a 7X multiple.

Worth eCommerce approached Sales Driven Agency when they realized that they were in danger of “Tactic dependence.” They had grown to their size because they had found a “silver-bullet” tactic that was driving leads to their agency like clockwork. They began asking themselves the question, “what happens if this tactic goes away tomorrow?” They hired us to come in and create predictability and sustainability within their agency.


Removed the co-founder from the sales day-to-day so he no longer needed to be involved in order to see growth


Helped build and train a sales team to sell that eventually enabled worth to increase their average deal size substantially while still growing their average close rate per sales person


Increased MRR by nearly 150k within 3 months


Exited their agency for a 7X multiple on EBITDA

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