SOTR: Dealing with Exclusivity, Data Analytics, and Deal Velocities

Mar 11, 2022

Being a business owner or sales leader requires you to always make the right decisions – whether big or small. When you find yourself being cornered by so many questions, when you’re confronted about exclusivity, when you’ve got inaccurate data, or when your subordinates didn’t get it right – you make decisions. In this Sales on the Rocks episode, Joey not only discusses his thought processes regarding these topics but also gives his two cents about being present with your feelings to alleviate anxiety, what’s going on with ‘Cancel Culture,’ and attaining freedom by taking personal ownership over your life.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Spindrift Sparkling Water

What’s in JJ’s glass: Tequila G4 Extra Añejo

This Cast Covers:

  • Grieving past seasons and being present with your feelings (05:02)
  • Joey’s perspective on freedom of speech, cancel culture, and unhealthy disagreements (14:12)
  • Personal ownership: What needs to change when engaging in civil discourses (21:43)
  • How Joey would handle scenarios in important calls wherein one person in the team is suddenly uncooperative or is not sold (25:53)
  • Mediating parties, helping them verbalize their opinions, for the purpose of arriving at sound decisions (28:22)
  • How to practically navigate through overwhelming questions when you’re being cornered (31:01)
  • Is it a benefit for the agency or for the sales team to have several services to sell rather than one main service? (34:11)
  • What Joey thinks about exclusivity in terms of offering services to specific sectors of businesses (46:09)
  • Some of the practical steps to get sales analytics moving in the right direction and how to maneuver data that may or may not be trustworthy (53:12)
  • The importance of synchronization among the sales team: beginning with sales leaders down to all the salespeople (56:05)

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