Why Am I Experiencing Burnout? featuring Scott Anderson of DoubleDare

Feb 16, 2022

Scott Anderson is the founder and CEO of DoubleDare, a company that offers coaching programs for agency owners or business leaders who dream to achieve next-level success. Scott has about more than 30 years of experience where he owned and ran eight businesses, launched four for-profit and two not-for-profit companies. Not only is he an experienced entrepreneur, but is also a licensed therapist with a Masters's degree in Clinical Counseling. His passion is to help entrepreneurs recapture and fully live their unique talent, passion, and purpose and take their businesses to the next level.

In this episode, Scott talks about the often brushed-off and neglected ‘feeling’ that entrepreneurs experience every once in a while: burnout. As business people who tend to always be on the go, do exciting things and deal with nerve-wracking decisions, it is extremely difficult to take a pause – especially when the exhaustion goes beyond the body and into the brain. When everything feels draining, what must you do? What must you think of? What must you feel? Is there still hope to break free from this? These are some of the questions Scott and I attempt to answer and recount as we also share our fair amount of burnt-out stories. 

This Cast Covers:

  • What Scott does and what his credentials are (01:19) 
  • How entrepreneurs, agency owners and clients are prone to burnout (02:45)
  • The actual definition of ‘burnout’ and how it is used in today’s culture (08:58)
  • Three characteristics and some symptoms of burnout (09:51)
  • Wrongly avoiding stressors and turning to (seemingly harmless) addictions nowadays (16:51)
  • What Scott would advise to people feeling burnt out (23:08)
  • The five basic counterintuitive shifts when experiencing burnout (27:54)
  • The principle that Joey has held on to especially during overwhelming and stressful situations  (28:42)
  • The discipline (and corresponding struggle) of taking a break as entrepreneurs (34:24)
  • Questions you need to ask yourself when feeling burned out or frustrated about problems you cannot solve (39:56)
  • How much investing in a proven system – having a mentor or a coach – has done for Joey’s growth as an entrepreneur and an individual in general (39:56)

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