Diversify Your Strategies So You’re Constantly Filling Up Your Pipeline featuring Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development

Jan 26, 2022

Tyler Sickmeyer is the Founder of Fidelitas Development, a full-service marketing, advertising, and public relations agency that helps clients build brand loyalty through intentional storytelling. They serve a variety of clients in the retail, direct to consumer, eCommerce, luxury, and sporting goods industries. 

Aside from consulting clients on marketing strategy and ROI measurement, Tyler serves on the board of Live Ventures (NASDAQ: LIVE) and is a sought-after keynote speaker delivering high-energy keynote presentations to audiences across the United States.

He is also the founder of The Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, which offers a wide range of topics from Customer Acquisition Strategies and eCommerce best practices to the latest trends in marketing and communications. 

Tyler now lives in San Diego with his wife, two sons, and yellow lab, after moving from Illinois.

This Cast Covers:

  • Why COVID was good to those who are good business people (02:47)
  • How Tyler started out as the youngest Christian concert promoter in the nation to transition into becoming an agency owner from scratch (06:28)
  • Joey and Tyler talk about famous Christian artists and Tyler shares something her will never forget from meeting TobyMac (10:00)
  • How Fidelitas Development discovered the niche industry they were gonna work with and what skill they wanted to focus their outbound efforts on (13:26)
  • What drives growth to the agency predominantly – outbound, inbound, referrals, networks, speaking engagements, or a combination of all? (18:43)
  • Why it’s important to diversify strategies so that you’re perpetually filling up your pipeline (19:52)  
  • What Tyler’s day-to-day currently looks like as a CEO and founder of his agency (27:03)
  • Where he foresees Fidelitas Development going in the long term and the steps they’re taking to get there  (28:12)
  • A gamechanger that allows you to set up subscription billing for your clients so you never have to chase invoices ever again (29:47)
  • The prerequisite to having a successful business: building a great culture (32:28)
  • What Tyler and Fidelitas Development have been heavily investing in over the last several months and are looking forward to reaping the rewards in Q1 (33:54) 

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