SOTR: Getting Over the Fulfillment Dream Into the Growth Reality

Jan 21, 2022

Dreaming big will never equate to doing big. You might have started the year full of dreams and visions you want to achieve for yourself and your business, but that’ll take you nowhere if you could not fulfill the actions required. Consequently, you wouldn’t be able to do the actions required if you’ve got a clouded and weak mindset. Too many agency owners and business leaders get stuck on wanting the best for their businesses, but can’t get there just because they took the wrong next steps leading their businesses.

In this episode of Sales on the Rocks, join us as we talk about the difference between confidence and cockiness, the long but necessary process of setting realistic goals, what makes a sales operation successful, prioritizing revenue and growth before fulfillment, leading inbound and outbound sales, onboarding salespeople effectively, and Joey’s exceptional ‘one-liner’ ability.

This Cast Covers:

  • The difference between confidence and cockiness (04:58)
  • What setting goals for the new year looks like for Joey (09:48) 
  • The 3 pillars of a good sales operation that agencies must look into first before jumping into it (17:18)
  • Whether Joey gets sick of persuading agency owners and CEOs to invest in sales (29:40)
  • Joey’s advice to agency owners stuck on the trivialities and can’t grow their agency (31:53)
  • What possibly hinders an agency from leading the outbound sales (35:30)
  • How Joey starts his outbound calls and how he keeps the prospect engaged (38:44)
  • How to approach the sales process or inbound sales (40:59)
  • What a quality onboarding process should look like (42:51)
  • How to transition taking and handling calls to the salesperson he is training (48:17)
  • How Joey became so good at dropping those ‘one-liners’ that largely help to get into their prospects (50:00)

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