Investing in Your Sales Operation to Ensure Predictable Revenue featuring Tim Warren of Helium SEO

Nov 3, 2021

Tim Warren is the CEO of Helium SEO, a Cincinnati-based SEO & marketing agency that helps brands thrive in the digital age. In 2016 he sold his first company SEO exposed and has 8 years of experience in SEO and has worked to improve the online marketing strategies of billion-dollar firms. He was also recently named a “Forty Under 40” award winner by the Cincinnati Business Courier in 2019.

Find out how you can transition from being a founder-based seller of a startup to growing and scaling your company fast and predictably even without funding.   

This Cast Covers:

  • Why Tim quit his medical school to become a serial entrepreneur (02:05)
  • How Helium started in 2017 and scaled quickly up to 60 employees (08:44)
  • Two things most founders forget that keep their agencies stuck and unable to scale (11:41)
  • The cost of deciding to hire a salesperson or sales director too early in the business (14:26)
  • Tim’s views on choosing to focus on sales to scale Helium (16:18)
  • Why you should never bring on a director of business as your first sales hire ever (19:51)
  • What you should look for in a sales hire and when to bring in salespeople to your organization (24:19)
  • Why you want salespeople with 2 to 5 years sales experience (27:00)
  • Building a team and cultivating healthy competition between your salespeople (28:00)
  • What’s more important to salespeople than a huge commission or bonus check? (32:37)
  • Tim’s advice to the agency owner struggling to build a sales team (34:13)
  • Why it makes sense to find a sales team who can sell your product at least 50% as good as you (35:03)
  • Repetitions increases productivity (37:15)
  • Why having a rockstar sales process over rockstar salespeople (39:45)
  • Specific ways to document sales processes (45:51)

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