Consistency is the Number One Key to Winning the Battle at Being a Good Sales Manager, Leader or Coach

Sep 2, 2022

In this podcast, Joey and JJ make a case for questioning everything, consistency, measuring sales-related activities, and how to turn a gatekeeper on a cold call into an advocate for you. Also, what makes an effective sales manager? This might be helpful if you, as a founder, need to step into this role or hire someone new for the role. 

This Cast Covers: 

  • Joey’s and JJ’s ultimate hope for you listening to this podcast (01:51) 
  • Why we need to do a better job of questioning everything (05:58)
  • Something we all wrestle through in some way, shape, or form (07:52)
  • What made JJ almost want to quit his job (12:02)
  • Can friends work together? (13:13)
  • An ever-present tension of sales pushing the boundaries of delivery or vice versa (13:41)
  • The good thing about Joey and JJ’s working partnership (15:05)
  • Listen to Joey’s terrible ad reads for Sales Driven Agency (17:26)
  • Where to start assessing or diagnosing a company’s existing outbound sales ops (20:53) 
  • Which data to look at and questions to ask yourself when you don’t see the results you want out of your sales operation (24:08) 
  • Should you pivot away from the phone when gatekeepers are involved or come up with a tactic for getting past them? (26:47)
  • Joey shares a strategy and script to use when cold calling to get past the gatekeeper (27:00) 
  • How to call in the gatekeeper and make them an advocate (27:53)
  • Other strategies you can do when cold calling itself doesn’t work (29:43)
  • Identifying gaps in your sales reps’ abilities to perform and strategically provide training for filling them (33:08)
  • How to be an effective sales manager especially if this is not your strong forte (34:58)
  • The difference between meetings and reviews and why you need both as a sales manager, leader, or coach (35:38) 
  • How Joey’s feeling about their current trajectory as an agency of growth and scaling (42:56)
  • JJ’s reflections on building massive businesses but also being an excellent family man (47:41)
  • What to do when you realize you’ve lost sight of your “nuclear core” convictions (48:42) 
  • Why Joey isn’t a big believer in work-life balance, rather on running from one of the spectrum and back (21:24)
  • Our goal every day shouldn’t be energy preservation, but rather energy depletion   (23:43) 

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