The 5 Ps to Becoming a Healthy and Valuable Agency featuring Samir ElKamouny of Fetch & Funnel

Jul 20, 2022

Samir ElKamouny is the Founder and CEO of Fetch & Funnel, a growth marketing agency purpose-built to connect growing brands with their ideal customers. They specialize in customer acquisition via influence marketing, growth hacking, digital marketing, sales funnels, and conversion rate optimization. Samir has run successful campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands to raise millions on Kickstarter for creators with innovative ideas. Samir is also the host of the Ecom Growth Leaders Podcast, a featured thought leader, and keynote speaker.

Digital marketing aside, his obsessions include biking, taking his car to the track, traveling, spending time outdoors, & looking for his next adventure.

This Cast Covers:

  • What it’s like to have a digital nomadic lifestyle like Samir and why it’s not for everyone (03:24)
  • Samir talks about how Fetch and Funnel came to exist (06:54)
  • Is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising feasible for agencies to do profitably? (08:47) 
  • What the first couple of months of the agency were like – Samir and his partner Matt (cofounder of Fetch & Funnel) worked closely together in person before actually running the business entirely remote (10:36)
  • What he would do differently knowing what Samir knows now (12:24)
  • What Samir is most excited about building for the agency moving forward (16:45)
  • What it takes to be a healthy agency (18:10)
  • Which of the five P's their agency is working on the most and will make the most impact in the next couple of months (20:02)
  • Where can the agency contribute to its hiring success: intuition or having a refined hiring process? (22:01)
  • The one thing Samir has done since day one with every single hire no matter what the position is (23:00)
  • Joey simplifies the 95-5-90 rule in hiring for agency owners to implement (24:34)
  • Why you should have a very rigorous hiring process (28:56)
  • One thing most agency owners don’t do that could hurt your profitability (31:40)
  • What Joey and Samir are looking forward to in the next mastermind anti-retreat (38:12)

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