SOTR: Hiring, Training, and Compensating Your SDRs Really Well

Jun 17, 2022

As an owner, CEO, or founder of your agency you want to make sure that you are hiring, training, and compensating your sales reps well. Hiring an SDR manager to handle multiple SDRs might be a good way to achieve this. But what should you be expecting in both roles to make sure they do their jobs effectively? And most importantly, where should you start? 

In this episode, Joey shows you how he creates a compensation plan that's fair and equitable for all of your reps, which helps them stay motivated. Plus, learn what's currently trending on the job recruitment market for sales roles, why you should consider giving up equity for your sales leader, and a great way to one-up your competitors that you can easily bake into your sales process.

What’s in Joey’s glass: High West American Prairie Bourbon

What’s in JJ’s glass: Baker's – 7 Year Old Bourbon American Whiskey

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This Cast Covers:

  • Our hearts go out to those affected by the recent tragedy in Houston (03:41)
  • JJ picks Joey’s brain on his thoughts about “laying down our rights for the vulnerable should not be up for debate” (06:11)
  • A tactic most narrow-minded people use when they say things are not open for dialogue or conversation (08:48)
  • Should Christians lay down their right for the vulnerable? (09:58)
  • What the Consitution has afforded a lot of people that most tend to forget (13:37)
  • JJ shares an interesting parallel for business owners (16:39)
  • Hiring multiple sales development representatives (SDRs) and what Joey wants agency owners to take away from this experience (21:51)
  • The current compensation plan Joey has laid out for his SDRs (24:17)
  • What Joey expects from the role of an SDR manager and how that role can contribute the most value to the team (28:39)
  • Is it possible to overtrain your salespeople? (32:26) 
  • The four stages of competence and how you can train your sales reps to  become unconsciously competent (36:12)
  • How to make sure you are training to become unconsciously competent in the right context (39:22)
  • An interesting strategy for agency owners looking to get a leg up from their competition (40:40)
  • Is giving equity to sales leaders a good idea, and if so, how can you make sure you don’t screw it up? (43:57)
  • Vesting periods could be another approach to protect your equity and also incentivize your sales leader to stick around for their next slice (46:00)
  • Cases wherein a sales or growth leader is also an equity holder (47:44)
  • JJ shares an insightful realization about appreciating all the things he has now and balancing that with still having a lot of big things he wants to achieve in the future (53:00)

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