SOTR: Stop Offering Your Services A La Carte, Be a Consultative Seller Instead

May 13, 2022

So many agency owners try to be everything to everyone, making it difficult for these same owners to understand their path to profitability.

But as you're aware, they don't have the right sales operation in place or even the right resources to know how to increase their sales and profits past the seven or eight-figure mark.

In this episode, we discuss how you can stop being seen as a commodity that sells a la carte offers and stand out as a consultative agency that knows exactly what its target market needs. Also, discover the one thing your sales reps need to know in order to sell your services more effectively, and how you as a sales leader can help them through meetings and reviews.  

This Cast Covers:

  • Why people who stand by a certain ideology do not actually want to engage in difficult conversations when the rubber meets the road (06:11) 
  • Empathetic people don’t necessarily have any room on their plate to have hard conversations about harder topics (10:44)
  • JJ’s practical takeaways in not standing idly by and actually doing something about issues that are harder to swallow (12:38) 
  • Why Liberals and Conservatives are being pitted against each other by the “real enemy” (14:15)
  • How product market training for sales leaders and sales reps can make them more effective in their role (18:04)
  • The important components of a product knowledge base (18:55)
  • What does a salesperson actually need to know to be able to sell something that’s really technical? (22:24)
  • How the curse of knowledge actually confuses your clients and stops them from buying from you (22:46)
  • Combining these two things will get your salesperson up and running pretty quick (26:03)
  • What most ideal customer profiles lack that keeps them below the seven-figure mark (29:07)
  • Why having a very narrow and specific ideal customer profile is so crucial (30:06)
  • Which moves the needle faster from a sales perspective – niching via the industry you serve or niching via the service you offer? (36:07)
  • Why there might be a third axis when identifying your niche according to Joey – the z-axis (38:30)
  • The difference between a meeting and a review when it comes to sales leadership (40:28)
  • What actually gets covered during a review and how often are they performed? (42:01)
  • Why Joey believes selling an a la carte service is pointless (47:59)
  • What it means to be a consultative seller (51:00)

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