SOTR: Data Doesn’t Really Lie

May 6, 2022

Another exciting Sales on the Rocks episode for all of you! We talk about topics ranging from current events to tips and thoughts on advocacies, ad dependencies, newsletters, performance evaluation, company acquiring, and more!

What’s in Joey’s glass: E. H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel

What’s in JJ’s glass: Company Bourbon

This Cast Covers:

  • Things get political! Here’s what you missed from the last SOTR episode (03:28)
  • JJ and Joey give their takes on current events (05:22)
  • Are you a strong advocate? Then walk the walk while you talk the talk (10:02)
  • How Joey and his team got scammed by a previous employee (16:28)
  • Are newsletters for everyone who wants to grow their audiences? (28:02)
  • Do you have a salary goal in mind? Connect the numbers and see how many clients you’d need to get to attain it (29:20)
  • The best way to tap potential clients (31:27)
  • Lead magnets and tactics that had helped Joey build his audience (33:51)
  • On planning meetings: here’s how you should create weekly plans for healthy work discussions (36:20)
  • Planning on acquiring an agency? Check out these loans that could help you (42:06)

Additional Resources:

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