Empowering your Team to Turbocharge Your Agency’s Growth featuring Steve Wiideman of Wiideman Consulting Group

Apr 21, 2021

Steve Wiideman is the CEO and President of Wiideman Consulting Group based in the Greater Los Angeles area, specializing in inbound marketing strategy for multi-location and franchise brands and provides innovative solutions for search engine optimization and paid search advertising.

In addition to providing digital marketing training to companies, Steve has worked for the following Fortune 500 companies and startups: Technicolor, Linksys, Public Storage, Disney Parks and Resorts, Belkin, Honda, Skechers, Applebee's, IHOP, and Dole, where he emphasizes campaign oversight and planning. 

In 2006, he was awarded Congressional Recognition for his work helping small businesses and students in his field.  He conducts in-person presentations and online videos on link building, search engine optimization, SEO standards, and local ranking factors. He has written numerous information products, such as SEO in a Day, The Four Layers of the SEO Model, and more recently seoroadmap.org (a breakdown of inbound marketing disciplines and strategies).

This podcast highlights what keeps Steve going all these years, how he got started in the digital marketing industry, how he carved out a name for himself as an authority, and what he considers the keys to the success of his digital consulting group.

This Cast Covers:

  • 12-year-old Steve’s fascination with technology and computing led him to teach military troops how to use laptops (03:46)
  • Going back to school for a degree in e-business management and moonlighting as an internet marketer (05:06)
  • Steve’s first-ever freelance project and how much he charged (05:22)
  • Being recruited by Disney Parks and Resorts and becoming an SEM account manager (06:23)
  • Taking on the challenge of ranking for SEO expert (08:46)
  • Balancing his personality as an introvert once he became CEO (09:50)
  • Overcoming his apprehension of speaking to large audiences (10:23)
  • The importance of mindset as a founder of a company (12:15)
  • Understanding the weight of the founder’s role in sales (13:23)
  • Steve’s goal for Wiideman to become the “Sherpa of search marketing” (19:00)
  • The kind of content you should be creating if you want to become an expert in your industry (22:46) 
  • Current plans of Wiideman Consulting for scaling, business development (25:37)
  • How to see massive growth in your agency (27:12)
  • Creating a culture of empowerment within your team (29:58)
  • What allows Steve to keep growing in his business and personal life (33:34)

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