Thanks for being a guest on the show!

First of all, thank you for being a guest on my show, The Best Damn Agency Podcast.

This podcast was created out of my desire to accomplish 2 things: 1) continue diving deeper into serving the agency world 2) being a voice that stands out from all of the bullshit advice being given today.

See, I come at agency growth a bit different than most since my journey into agency world was a bit unconventional… I'm a little creative, a little strategic, a little technical but not to the extent that most agency owners are. I came from a sales background starting in the Fortune 100 world where I built and managed a 115 person sales team, leading a small consulting firm's sales department where they went from $1m to $9.5m in 18 months, and then finally taking over a VP of Sales role at an Inbound Marketing Agency where I won big time.

I also live on 70 acres in East Tennessee, drive a jacked up F-150, cuss, and drink (quite) a bit. Not your typical agency guy, but I know how to build agencies better than most.

And you do too. That's why I'm having you on.

That said…

This podcast is meant to be conversational. It will free flow with very little pre-planning because organic is where the gold is. Plus, I like being curious. I will inevitably cuss and more than likely offend someone somewhere but it's going to be rich with content and value. We'll highlight you a bit and talk about your journey but also converse about our philosophies on growing businesses, having a winning mindset, what alcohol you prefer, who knows…. We'll have a blast.

Expect our conversation to go around 45 minutes.



  1. The podcast will be recorded in an interview portal via eCamm Interview. The link is in your calendar invite and confirmation emails. All you will need to do is enter the virtual room while on Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. If you can email a headshot and bio to we can be sure to use that. Otherwise, my team will do their own research… no promises we won't use a headshot from 12th grade.
  3. This is both an audio AND video podcast so please make sure that you have good audio quality (at a minimum please use headphones with a microphone built-in), are in a quiet place, and be in a well lit area for video.
  4. Think through your own brief bio because I will hand the reigns over to you to do a bigger introduction of yourself at the beginning of the show
  5. Remember… be yourself and don't take yourself too serious. Have fun!


Talk soon,

Joey Gilkey