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SOTR: The Secret to Selling Real High-Ticket Shit

Alex is a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and president of We Do Web Content, an Inc. 5000 business. His firm devises content and marketing strategies and produces online content for law firms, medical professionals, and small businesses nationwide. He counsels...

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SOTR: How to Not Do Shitty Roleplays

In today’s episode, we talk about the differences between sales leadership roles, sales managers, and sales coaches, what assets you should be looking at as a sales manager, and what to do when your sales rep or team hits a slump. We also talk about why roleplaying is...

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SOTR: Your “F*ck You” Attitude is Your Competitive Edge

A lot of what makes up the agency space right now are overly corporate, super buttoned-up, and overly professional because they think that’s how to play the game. Brian Cross took a different approach to build his personal brand and Elasticity’s brand, and we’re gonna...

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SOTR: Stop Asking Your Sales Reps to Do All the Grunt Work

Most agency owners hire a sales rep without going through any process and telling them to just go do everything. Furthermore, on top of them being highly inefficient and ineffective, you are also asking them to perform non-revenue generating tasks without setting them...

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How to Keep Your Agency's Best Clients featuring Corey Morris

In this episode, I interview Corey Morris, Chief Strategy Officer of Voltage, a digital marketing agency based in Kansas City. Voltage partners with clients to create award-winning strategies focused on design, development, search engine optimization, paid search, and...

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