SOTR: It Doesn’t Matter if Your Service is the Exact Same with Others, It’s a Value Exchange

Apr 15, 2022

If you're like most of the guests we've interviewed on this podcast, then you are constantly trying to improve your agency. Whether that's figuring out your pricing, building out your sales operation, or getting your agency to the next level, it can be tough. Luckily, in this Sales on the Rocks episode, we’re gonna walk you through how you can do all that by setting better realistic and specific goals, learning how to charge more, and providing crazy value during a simple sales conversation. Tune in to learn the 80-20 rule of pricing, advice for reaching higher annual revenue targets, and a simple mentality that can help you win bigger in business and in life.

This Cast Covers:

  • The case of Joey’s missing truck (01:09)
  • Joey and JJ recap the recent BDAM anti-retreat and share their takeaways (08:15)
  • The words you speak over yourself and your loved ones are powerful (09:41)
  • What got JJ dreaming about the massively growth-minded goals (12:33)
  • How does defining what you want for your business inform what your sales operation looks like? (17:31)
  • Why Joey is also a fan of the “and, not or” mentality and how this mentality helps in setting realistic goals (20:56)
  • A lot of people set goals in a very safe manner  (24:47)
  • Can two partners who are totally misaligned coexist in a business together? (27:31)
  • What most agency owners and CEOs forget to factor in when it comes to projecting sales targets in the future (30:03)
  • When you play big boy games, you make the right decisions and come up with big boy goals (31:11)
  • How people are limited by their total addressable market (32:00)
  • Three options to scale: provide new services, serve new industries, or charge more (32:38)
  • The 80-20 rule of pricing (44:06)
  • Being in a hyper niche might be what’s preventing you from getting to the next level of growth (36:45)
  • Advice for badass agency owners who crushed their revenue goals but want to expand to that next level (38:13)
  • As you exhaust your TAM, do you become incredibly unattractive to potential buyers? (38:55)
  • Joey’s thoughts on advertising your price versus having that be a part of your sales conversation (41:11)
  • Pricing the client versus pricing the work: why it’s always better to get into a consultative sales conversation with your prospects (45:02)
  • Why Joey hates it when agencies do hourly or flat pricing (46:16)
  • First time on the show: JJ and Joey appreciate their wives (51:01)

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