Six Key Areas of Goal Setting You Should Swear By featuring Joe Pulizzi of The Tilt

Mar 30, 2022

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of The Tilt and the Content Marketing Institute, is a seasoned content entrepreneur for more than 20 years. From coaching the ever-reliable marketers to evolving for the modern days’ demands with the influencer age, he founded The Tilt. The Tilt is set up to help big and small content creators, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and more build their businesses. 

In this episode, Joe shares how six key areas of goal-setting helped him gain the title of one of the world’s top content marketing authorities. He also shares why content creation goes beyond merely creating itself and why this scale in content creation should not be overlooked!

This Cast Covers:

  • The power of visual manifestation: how Joe manifested a $15M company buy-out into $26M (3:49)
  • The one thing you should do for you to make greater outcomes (4:38)
  • The formula to success: 6 key areas for goal setting you should swear by  for great decision making (6:08)
  • The significance of COVID-19 with the spike of the uprising of content creators (10:37) 
  • NFT: the next big business model you should watch out for  (12:51)
  • Everyone can be a content creator but not everyone could be a content entrepreneur (15:53)
  • How to organize your content properly to avoid content clutter (20:27)
  • With the number of major platforms booming at this time, don’t pressure yourself by trying to keep up with each one. Instead, focus on where you’re amazing at (29:33)
  • Why knowing your audience in content creation matters most than you think (33:02)

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