SOTR: Are You Playing Business or Actually Becoming a CEO?

Apr 8, 2022

In this episode of Sales on the Rocks, we talk about buying an agency that's bigger than ours, and Joey’s experience of merging his brand with theirs. Joey also shares his thoughts on agencies working with purpose-driven companies and how that can be a hindrance to their profitability. JJ also brings up a question about the Gen Z workforce and how that can be either a challenge or an opportunity for more agencies. 

What’s in Joey’s glass: Alani Nu Hawaiian Shaved Ice Energy Drink

This Cast Covers:

  • What’s the deal in this big push to make everything electric? (07:12)  
  • Vulnerabilities with going electric and living on the grid (09:10)
  • Is it a good idea to buy an agency that's bigger than yours and merge your brand with theirs? (14:40)
  • If you have access to capital and believe that you can actually add value to that business as it merges with your brand, then it’s worth buying the bigger company (16:46)
  • Why Joey thinks working with purpose-driven companies could be a hindrance to agencies  (19:35) 
  • Is there a standard threshold or revenue expectation per full-time employee? (29:07)
  • What most freelancers turned solopreneurs turned CEOs don’t realize about maximizing profitability for their agencies (32:24)
  • Is there a benefit to building out a sales team where you leverage unique skill sets? (38:52)
  • Consideration points for paying somebody in a sales role depending on their different tiers of industry experience (45:52)
  • Do Gen Z’s expect to work less and get paid more? Is this a significant problem? (23:28)
  • How the working times have changed from generation to generation (27:50)

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