SOTR: Sales Diagnostics, The Great Reset, and the Foot in the Door Offer

Apr 1, 2022

In this episode of Sales on the Rocks, we talk about how to run diagnostics on your sales data, why the Great Reset theory most economists are talking about is worth looking into, and how having a foot in the door offer can make all the difference when selling to large enterprises and other organizations. Plus discover a simple framework that helps you figure out how to manage your time better and ensure you're spending time on the things that drive the most value to your life.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Chattanooga Whiskey Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel 111

What’s in JJ’s glass: Rabbit Hole Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon

This Cast Covers:

  • Is the Great Reset something to be feared? (05:29)  
  • The bigger overarching idea is influencing the grassroots localization of it (10:15)
  • Is there an action plan to stop this from happening other than being informed? (14:08)
  • Why you should be a little more cautious about what the media wants to show you (18:58)
  • How to prep for and effectively get the maximum value out of attending masterminds, conferences, etc. (22:49)
  • Show up with intention I think having intention as a word, (26:19)
  • The strategy and campaign structuring might be different, but the principles are the same (28:43)
  • Don’t go after the company, go after the individuals in those companies and do an account-based approach (29:40)
  • Joey’s advice on doing account-based sales whether it’s for a Fortune 500 company or a small company: Start as high as humanly possible in the organization as it relates to the problem (30:47) 
  • Always take a pyramid top-down approach (31:08)
  • A badass campaign done by one of the Best Damn Mastermind members to get in front of the decision-makers of the company (32:41)
  • When you've got a company that sells a really technical service wanting to go after a bunch of high profile companies, what type of sales rep do you hire? (37:07)
  • Do agencies need to have that one specific front-end offer or do you have to play the RFP game? (39:10)
  • Why the foot in the door offer is advantageous for every organization, including enterprises (41:02)
  • Running self-diagnostics on your data: What to check for and fix when your deal velocity goes down (43:57) 
  • Why your data needs to be clean and accessible at all times (47:29)
  • How do you cut out the noise? (49:04)
  • ODD – a simple framework Joey uses to manage his time and figure out which activities drive the most value (49:46)
  • Why you should go look at your calendar right now and label events red, yellow, and green (53:39)

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