How to Set Better Goals to Set Your Agency Up for Success featuring Colin McGuire of Boomn

Mar 16, 2022

Colin McGuire is the CEO of Boomn, a leader in eCommerce, building and growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce companies through acquisition and strategic partnerships. Colin leads a team of 30 building and growing eCommerce businesses.

He has also been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, and many other top publications.

You dreamt, you worked, you achieved your goals. Now what? Having your mind set on the endgame can make you leave out some other things that matter too. Most of the time, it’ll probably be yourself. You’ll become so hyped up on the hustle that you forget to eat properly, move, and simply live outside of your office. 

In this episode, Colin McGuire shares his tips on how to start the journey properly and how to not lose yourself in being too hyper-focused on the numbers game.

This Cast Covers:

  • How Colin became a consultant to many large businesses at 22 years old and ended up acquiring and building his own e-commerce brands (04:49)
  • Boomn’s evolution from a marketing company of 4 scrappy employees to a leading DTC brand portfolio (7:13)
  • On balancing work and personal life anchoring Tony Robbins’ quote: “the main pillar of happiness is progress” (12:19)
  • How you can set better goals for the year to set your agency up for success (23:48)
  • Why you need two journals – one for work and one for personal use – and a calendar to effectively track your progress (26:40)
  • On setting goals: money and personal goals (How Joey would handle scenarios in important calls wherein one person in the team is suddenly uncooperative or is not sold (25:53)
  • If you could work for only 4 hours a week, what would you do? (30:58)
  • How Colin starts his goal-setting process (31:58)
  • Don't focus on money, but use it as a tool for measurement (30:00)
  • The Reticular Activating System (34:00)
  • Why having a morning or startup routine allows you to win the day everyday (35:47)
  • Does money make us free? (36:47)

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