SOTR: Starting an Agency From Scratch? Listen to This

Mar 25, 2022

We go back to the basics for a detailed rundown on how aspiring agency owners or agency owners, in general, could learn or improve. Ranging from topics like how to garner the best results whether in sales and internal processes– even up to the hosts’ stances on current events! Joey Gilkey and JJ Russell share with us these tips and sentiments over a glass of well-earned fine booze– on the rocks!

This Cast Covers:

  • Where to cop an all-around playbook for just $1500 (03:06)
  • Why building your product/service first before finding your buyers is the fastest way to fail (5:06)
  • Generalism is never the path forward: Here’s why niching down is a must (10:09)
  • The process of how The Sales Driven Agency helps establish businesses (10:45)
  • A rundown on the agency essentials (13:29)
  • The reality of a lead generation agency owner (17:02)
  • The one thing most agency owners don’t do that keep them from seeing massive growth in their business (19:58)
  • JJ and Joey tackle the hiring process: Find out the one question Joey asks his hiree to test them (22:15)
  • There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help when starting from scratch. JJ shares what you should do if what you have in front of you is a tabula rasa (31:58)
  • If growth architect agencies like Sales Driven Agency weren’t around, what was a budding agency owner with little to zero knowledge to do? (33:51)
  • The one industry Joey avoids if he wasn’t in the agency field (36:48)
  • Aiming to achieve true growth? Joey shares three pillars that you should keep in mind (42:17)
  • Joey shares his sentiment on the ongoing war in his homeland (49:09)

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