You’re Sitting on a Goldmine, You Just Don’t Know it Yet featuring Zak Stahlsmith of ApexDrop

Mar 23, 2022

Influencers, who are dominating social media, are like celebrities where they may have handlers and agencies managing them. When these companies tend to become more number-focused, what they might be leaving out is giving the freedom to these artists to be more genuine when promoting the specific product or service they’re tasked to. 

This Cast Covers:

  • How Zak bridges his practice on stoicism with his agency, ApexDrop (6:33)
  • How Zak started an affiliated marketing agency at the age of 18, selling thousands of dollars through World of Warcraft (12:36)
  • What makes ApexDrop different from other micro-influencer agencies (18:40)
  • The Trust Transaction Ladder: How this framework is the best way in establishing credibility (20:47)
  • Customers are the new marketers: how influencers paved their way onto the marketing funnel (22:30) 
  • How ApexDrop micro-influencer marketing with product trade can turn into an advocacy building system (24:20)
  • Zak gives advice on how you can earn your way to success while still within your comfort zone (29:43)
  • The hack to getting the perfect master playbook (35:11)
  • What are the other micro-influencer agencies doing wrong? (37:20)
  • Want to be an effective micro-influencer agency? Be the new neighbor. (40:02)
  • When do you know that you’re an effective micro-influencer handler/agency? (42:40)
  • Who’s ApexDrop’s biggest competitor? (41:49)
  • People may jump to the conclusion that handling micro-influencers may be easy, but this is why they’re wrong (42:24)

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