The Three Levels to Building Your Wealth featuring Taylor Welch of Levels of Wealth

Mar 2, 2022

Taylor Welch is a real estate investor & business consultant. His companies have serviced over 50,000 individual small businesses in the last 5 years. He is known for Traffic and Funnels, Levels of Wealth, and Wealthcap Holdings.

He is a dynamic & energetic speaker who not only enjoys playing the game of business but teaching it also.

Taylor didn’t grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur. He learned entrepreneurship from his wife. Taylor’s wife was a hairstylist, and he got into marketing because he wanted to help her get more clients, so he could quit his job be a stay-at-home dad basically.

If you aspire to build your wealth, whether that be for yourself or with the intention of passing on a legacy to your children, you are clear about certain levels of wealth. Each level is a step in the ladder of wealth building. In this episode, Taylor Welch shares his methodology around wealth-building and how six, seven, and eight-figure agency owners can take steps to build wealth.

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This Cast Covers:

  • Taylor gives us a little rundown of what he does, his background, and how he got started in wealth-building (02:33)
  • What is wealth really and how is it different from being rich? (08:07)
  • How to create passive income and the cost to live your lifestyle (11:22)
  • How can people actually start building wealth? (16:47)
  • Which opportunity should people be grabbing or investing in right now (20:21)
  • Why Taylor is keen on hopping on the short-term rental development (21:47)
  • The first step an agency owner pulling in 120-180 grand should start on the roadmap to wealth (25:22)
  • Why it’s gonna be really difficult for you to start building wealth unless you increase your income (27:09)
  • The reason wealthy people don’t share their secrets (29:43)
  • Living off a P& L versus living off a balance sheet (32:00)
  • We are mostly taught an unhealthy view of money (32:32)
  • Busting financial planning lies (33:44)
  • Taylor’s methodology around wealth-building revolves around pumps, buckets, and moats (35:25)
  • Buckets store capital, grow in value, and pay a yield while your moats are basically your long-term durability (39:34)
  • Asset classes you might want to be looking at specifically in 2022 (43:39)
  • Should you have multiple exit strategies and are there any Plan Bs? (47:11)
  • How you can start learning about multiplying your money and building your wealth (49:13)

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