SOTR: Diving Deep into Sales Psychology to Move Prospects Through the Sales Cycle

Feb 11, 2022

Have you heard of doomer optimism? We barely touch the surface of this topic on this episode, but we go deep into sales psychology – leveraging emotions, the law of reciprocity, giving away value for free, and building trust with your prospects to view you as an expert in your field. Joey gives solid advice for agency owners struggling to get out of the sales seat, and JJ shares a phenomenon he notices happening in our society today and what he plans to do about it. 

This Cast Covers:

  • What is doomer optimism and what do people (a.k.a. JJ) need to know about it? (03:46)
  • The law of reciprocity and how that applies in sales (18:50)
  • Can generosity be a sales tactic? (21:23)
  • How to leverage prospects’ emotions to push them forward in the sales cycle (24:03)
  • The difference between an impulsive decision brought by emotion and dragging someone through the glass (25:54) 
  • How to demonstrate authority and build confidence in your prospects to trust that you are an expert throughout the sales process (29:01)
  • What kind of things can younger and less experienced salespeople do early on in their sales career? (29:27)
  • How Joey feels about other agencies killing it in the inbound marketing and inbound game (34:35)
  • The first step for an agency owner if he wants to move out of day-to-day sales (40:01)
  • Things to keep in mind as we move into a more individualistic society (47:01)
  • Creating space for relationships and creating space to think (48:43)
  • JJ’s top three takeaways from this SOTR episode  (51:59)
  • Being able to be quiet and still (56:00)
  • JJ and Joey share a proud father moment (57:40)

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