SOTR: If the Why is Not Bigger than Making Money, You’re Gonna Flame Out Eventually featuring Dan Spottsville and Chris Mathew

Feb 4, 2022

In this podcast, we are joined all the way from Dallas, Texas by co-founders of Valynt Digital and the co-hosts of The Digital Dive Podcast, Dan Spottsville and Chris Mathew. We talk about cryptos, NFTs, metaverse, marketing, and inbound sales in the agency space. Dan and Chris share what they’ve built working together, what’s currently working really well for them in terms of lead generation and qualifying those leads, what they hope their agency will be able to accomplish in the near future. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Chris and Dan talk about how they got connected and built Valynt Digital together (02:34)
  • The best kind of client testimonial Dan received was being invited as Chris’s business partner (07:27)
  • How they strategically plan the prospect-buyer journey to be batting a thousand in the agency space (09:12)
  • Setting client expectations and focusing on the right niches (10:24)
  • Why radical transparency is greatly valued at Valynt Digital (13:25)
  • The freedom that comes with having an exploding pipeline (14:29) 
  • Having an inbound strategy that’s so solid their partner has never needed to make an outbound call ever (17:00)
  • Why courtship is something they subscribe to in their marketing and inbound sales strategy (19:14)
  • Why most marketing agencies really struggle to effectively market themselves and drive inbound leads (21:01)
  • The pros and cons of marketing and sales and why Joey would fight to the death to have a team of SDRs than spend his money on ad spend (22:03)
  • A way to court your prospect through an outbound sales process combining marketing with sales (24:02)
  • How Joey, JJ, and Dan are all doing with the 75 Hard challenge (30:58)
  • How both Chris and Dan function and coexist in leadership even while wearing a lot of hats (32:34)
  • There's no shortcut for experience (33:35)
  • How to work towards a business and life that gives you true freedom (34:43)
  • Why you as the business leader should figure out a way to get out of your spot so you can have the optionality to work on the business and not be limited by it (37:07)
  • How hard or easy was it for Joey to cross off 22 items that weren’t necessary for him to do? (38:30)
  • What Chris and Dan find themselves doing in the company versus what they really love to do (40:41)
  • Their hopes and long-term vision for the agency (45:57)
  • Futurecasting an org chart and reverse engineering that vision (50:32)
  • Dream your dream life (54:08)

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