Driving Digital Agency Growth Through SEO and Acquisitions featuring Casey Meraz

Apr 14, 2021

Casey Meraz is the founder of Juris Digital, which offers full-service law firm marketing, including web design and development, search engine optimization, and content marketing.  Over the years he has assisted hundreds of law firms in increasing their case volume in the most competitive markets. Research, testing, and years of experience have equipped Casey with an edge that enables the company to compete in the most challenging markets in the United States. He is a thought leader in the legal marketing industry, speaker at conferences such as SMX, Big Digital, and State of Search, and author of the book “Local Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers.”

In this episode, Casey shares his first entrepreneurial experience as a teenager, how he got into learning SEO and digital marketing, the best hiring decisions he ever made for the agency, and how they went about their first acquisition in 2020. Casey also shares which areas he struggled with as an agency owner and what mistakes he made in the past. If you’re a young agency owner and you want to avoid running into those same pitfalls, then this episode is for you. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Casey’s backstory as a serial entrepreneur starting his first company at 15 years old (01:26)
  • His current move from Denver to Ireland with his wife and kids (02:08)
  • Being interested in film and TV production as a young child then falling in love with starting businesses (03:56)
  • How he founded Juris Digital in 2011, formerly known as Ethical SEO Consulting (06:15) 
  • Going from a generalist approach to niching down to SEO for law firms (07:32) 
  • How Juris Digital is using SEO for their own marketing and business (09:10) 
  • Why Casey believes in providing value and sharing information (10:56) 
  • Their agency’s pricing strategy from when they first started vs. their pricing strategy now (12:51) 
  • Which hiring decision made the most impact (14:44)
  • Achieving their first acquisition and how to integrate that company into your culture (18:33) 
  • Casey removing himself from sales and how he achieved that (20:58) 
  • The mistakes most agency owners do that keep them from growing (24:17) 
  • Utilizing acquisition strategies for growth (27:53) 
  • Current outbound strategies and channels Juris Digital plans to explore (31:35) 
  • A tool that could help with your cold calling strategy (34:30)
  • Where Juris Digital is headed in 5 years (37:21)

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