Identity Precedes Action: Why It’s Important to Build Company Culture featuring Ben LeDonni of Creative MMS

Jan 19, 2022

Ben LeDonni is the CEO of Creative MMS, a digital marketing agency based in Greater Philadelphia, that describes itself as no less than creative, analytical, and strategic. The agency was founded over fifteen years ago to create and deliver the best-performing B2B digital marketing services and is now a leading strategic digital marketing agency. Outside the career-guy character in suit and tie, Ben is also a loving husband and father of three wonderful children. He and his wife, Kelly, started a nongovernmental organization named the Gigi Project, that aimed to give back and provide support to families and others who needed help in health, education, income, and dignity. 

In this episode, Ben LeDonni delves into what kind of culture they were able to build inside the company and outside with their clients – a culture that was transparent, understanding, and most importantly, empowering. He shares how not only financial growth is the measure of success, but also expertise, or what the whole team was able to learn through the processes they encountered. It was important for them to be confident in their expertise and on what they believed as this would then dictate what their future actions were. Furthermore, he shares what it was like to be a leader of a company in the midst of the pandemic and how relationships or personal connection within and outside the company is what really matters.

This Cast Covers:

  • How Ben and Creative MMS have quickly adapted to COVID (04:55) 
  • The biggest challenge Ben faced as the CEO when COVID hit (05:13)
  • What leadership in the company looked like for Ben for the past two years (06:53)
  • How empathy is one of the most important characteristics of a leader in Ben’s perspective (09:58)
  • Ben’s take on ‘The Great Resignation’ and how the culture in their company greatly helped them handle it well (12:48)
  • Finance and expertise as the two important aspects of the company that Ben uses as a gauge for growth (18:52)
  • How Creative MMS has been growing from sixteen people (23:47)
  • How Creative MMS finds opportunities to grow an account and practical strategies in executing them (28:56)
  • The areas where Creative MMS are struggling/struggled with and how they addressed them (33:21)

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