SOTR: Hustle, Be Hungry, Pull Through the Shit But Don’t Attach Your Identity to the Outcomes

Jan 14, 2022

In this episode, you’ll learn how to sell more by focusing less on your or your prospects’ emotions and more on providing value for them. Find out what makes a great SDR, closer, or sales leader, and why you shouldn’t base your identity on outcomes or things that are fleeting. JJ loses his cool because of something Joey says, Joey recalls that time he pissed off a prospect, and JJ shares his journey on conquering limiting beliefs. 

What’s in Joey’s glass: Pinhook Vertical Series 6 Year “Bourbon War” Bourbon

What’s in JJ’s glass: Company Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished With Maple Wood

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey’s big surprise for JJ over the weekend (02:24)
  • Hustle and drive versus experience and skill – which weigh heavier in any sales leadership position? (06:44) 
  • SDA’s business model is quite different from most sales agencies wherein the closers also get sales assistants (11:05)
  • Is it necessary to be building relationships with every prospect you meet to become successful at sales as an agency owner? (12:59)
  • How the DISC assessment can be used to find out which type of sales role you can excel in (14:47)
  • A way to build genuine authentic relationships in your sales calls (15:33)
  • Joey explains why he never hands out references to any of his prospects and why you shouldn’t too (18:47)
  • Maintaining company culture in the digital workplace and why you need to know this when creating systems or processes, building a team, or vetting candidates for any role (23:48)  
  • Creating an echo chamber for yourself (27:27)
  • Giving your team the space to be individually different, but you must share an alignment on the core values (30:00)
  • How to personally separate your self-worth from the outcomes you have in business (33:11)
  • Joey talks about why his faith is super important and why he finds his identity in Christ (35:20)
  • JJ’s journey struggling with limiting beliefs and how he was able to conquer them (08:58)
  • Remember this if you are your biggest critic (42:48)
  • JJ’s biggest goal for 2022 and how he plans to achieve it (45:10)

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