SOTR: Know Your Numbers, Know Your Market, Know Your Offer

Jan 7, 2022

Today’s sales teams operate in an incredibly competitive environment. If you’re a founder-based seller and looking to transition into hiring sales leaders, it’s your job to provide guidance and support so that your sales teams can best serve your clients and reach company goals. To do so, you need to understand what it takes to cultivate sales team culture for sales reps and then adapt accordingly.

We’re breaking down the similarities and differences in cultivating team culture between corporate sales teams and smaller $1-20 million agencies. Also, Joey is hiring an SDR for his company! Find out if you’re the one he’s looking for.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Jefferson's Grand Selection ‘Chateau Pichon Baron French Oak Cask Finish' Straight Bourbon Whiskey

What’s in JJ’s glass: Michter’s Kentucky Straight Rye

This Cast Covers:

  • Shows Joey likes to watch in his free time from Alex Hormozi to comedians talking about UFC MMA stuff (02:52)
  • If you’re easily offended, you’re probably not the salesperson Joey’s looking for (06:56)
  • The funny story of how Joey found out that doing digital marketing isn’t the same as selling digital marketing (08:07)
  • Similarities and differences between a corporate sales environment and sales teams of smaller $1-20 million agencies (13:38)
  • What type of meetings happens at the start of every workday or week at bigger sales companies? (17:48)
  • Is it good to introduce healthy competition into your sales team culture for smaller agencies? (20:01)
  • Figuring out how many touchpoints you need with your sales reps depending on your agency structure and how many layers you have in your agency (21:22)
  • What Joey is specifically looking for in a salesperson/closer (22:42)
  • Why Joey thinks he’s better off working “above” SDA rather than in it (27:33)
  • How long before Joey decides to fire a salesperson after seeing they just aren’t cut out for the SDR role? (28:00)
  • How much should you think through current or potential future economic landscapes before allowing it to inform the way you’re projecting your company out? (30:00)
  • Why we love to create a proforma for every client we take on before we start working with them (32:34)
  • Different ways you can pull the lever on future projections (35:01)
  • JJ is offering to give 2-3 badass agency owners to join the trip and see for themselves if this is for you or not (38:39)
  • How much should your cost per acquisition be to forecast what you could spend on generating leads or should you work backward? (39:36) 
  • Why the “one to many” or “fishing with nets approach” works for agencies like SDR versus “fishing with spears” (45:13)
  • Joey’s favorite and least favorite parts of sales (47:57)
  • The one thing Joey hates when doing sales that’s pretty much inevitable but still gets on his nerves every time (50:56)
  • Does Joey have any rituals before jumping into sales calls? (52:23)
  • How to deal with people ripping your stuff a.k.a. copycats (54:13)

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