How to Achieve Insane Goals by Investing in the Right Support System featuring Andrew Morgans of Marknology

Dec 29, 2021

Andrew Morgans is the founder and CEO of Marknology, a full-service Amazon Brand Accelerator with a proven selling system for launching products on all e-commerce platforms with remarkable results. They have worked with over 300 global brands and managed sales of over $500 million, including Adidas, Marvel, Arrojo NY, Nylabone, Guardian Bikes, and Swiss. 

In this episode, Andrew talks about what his diverse living experiences in Africa taught him about wealth, happiness, and entrepreneurship. We also dive into having a solid support system around you to help you achieve your impossible goals, what he thinks about the current hustle culture today, and the power of manifestation.  

This Cast Covers:

  • The story behind how Marknology got its name (01:15)
  • Andrew’s childhood as a missionary kid living in Africa and how he became the agency owner he is today (02:45)
  • The greatest story Andrew knows of entrepreneurship (06:35) 
  • How do you balance knowing that money isn’t the end goal but also desiring to not be poor (09:46)
  • Wealth and money are only a reflection of what is already inside (11:58) 
  • One of Andrew’s biggest lows was achieving a goal (16:29)
  • It's not about the destination (18:36)
  • What is the “Why” Andrew is working towards? (20:09) 
  • Joey and Andrew’s thoughts on the hustle culture and creating “balance” (24:38)
  • Circumstances when you need to be extreme and go “all in” (25:59)
  • Intentionally building your support system and having a solid support system around you (28:52)
  • Andrew’s secret weapon which most Americans aren’t very good at (25:41)
  • His beliefs around manifestation (38:58)
  • Why it’s so important to have a group of like-minded people around you working towards the same goals and have the same mindset (44:39)

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