SOTR: Why Attitude Trumps Aptitude Any Time of Day

Dec 24, 2021

Sales DNA – you either have it or you don’t. Is this really the case? Or are there other factors you can consider when hiring a salesperson? In this episode, we talk about sales rep DNA, why we always prefer attitude over aptitude, our lessons and experiences in the year 2021, and our plans for 2022. We also came up with some questions to help you reflect on your personal, business, or family life.

This Cast Covers:

  • How to reset yourself when shit hits the fan  (02:24)
  • Momentum is the most powerful force on the planet (05:06)
  • What would Joey do if his plans for Sales Driven Agency or the Best Damn Agency Mastermind never panned out? (07:43) 
  • Some holiday traditions Joey and JJ find enjoyable and actually care about (09:16)
  • Why JJ likes Thanksgiving more than Christmas (11:38)
  • Start with pain and end with pleasure (14:45)
  • What it means to drag someone through the glass (17:12)
  • Sales rep DNA (20:38)
  • Why Joey always chooses attitude over aptitude in his sales reps (23:27)
  • A good question to ask yourself for self-reflection or even when you're vetting potential employees (24:40)
  • What you should be working into all of your interview processes (25:22)
  • How to balance training for the role that you're currently in versus the larger scale, macro leadership development (27:28)
  • Why self-awareness can turn into self-limiting very quickly (31:41)
  • How to take every lesson you learned in 2021 to hit the ground running in 2022 (36:16)
  • Three questions for self-reflection to prepare for 2022 (37:49)
  • Why you should be creating space on or before the end of this year to be by yourself, have some quiet and reflect (39:27)
  • The Rothschild method for anyone wanting to create some type of offer to get more deals at the end of this year (41:31) 
  • What is Joey most proud of this year and what is his biggest takeaway heading into 2022? (51:01)

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