How to Target the Right People at the Right Time in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns featuring Dan Spottsville of Valynt Digital

Dec 22, 2021

Dan Spottsville is the CEO and Co-Founder of Valynt Digital. He's been running digital campaigns for 12 years and by many is considered a “go-to person” when it comes to raising capital using digital marketing for Reg A, Reg D, and Reg CF offerings. Recently, he successfully helped raise $50 million dollars for an ammunition company and $1.8 million for an aviation company through the crowdfunding platform, “WeFunder.”

His understanding of business and digital marketing has allowed him to create custom digital funnels that are applicable to many industries. His track record of success in generating results can be found in healthcare, non-profit, entertainment, and the energy sector. He is an early adopter, innovator, and creative at heart who takes a company's vision and fast tracks them to achieving their goal through digital marketing

In this episode, Dan shares how he got into the capital raising space, what it’s like working with nonprofits, churches, and other organizations looking for accredited investors, his shared interest with Joey in NFTs, the challenges Valynt Digital faced during the pandemic, how they were able to overcome those, and finally, where Valynt Digital is headed to in the future.

This Cast Covers:

  • How and why Dan formed Valynt Digital and decided to niche down into nonprofits and capital raises (02:50) 
  • Dan walks us through what capital raising is, what types of people do capital raising, and what it looks like (05:02)
  • How they got to work with accredited investors and how they found these ultra-high net worth investors in some cases (07:23)
  • The role of digital marketing in targeting accredited investors (09:05)
  • How Dan and Valynt Digital built their own database of accredited investors (11:11)
  • Where does one start in marketing if they want to build potential investors in a fund? (14:40)
  • The biggest mistake any marketer makes for every lead generation campaign (15:42)
  • The most important rule when raising capital online (16:38)
  • What should an appropriate call to action look like in creating lead generation campaigns for nonprofits? (18:23)
  • How does Valynt Digital grow as an agency — organic, inbound, paid, referrals and network, or outbound sales? (21:08)
  • An extra step they added in vetting qualified leads that make a huge difference (22:21)
  • You should be implementing “seeding” all throughout your sales process (23:00)
  • How to compute your exponential revenue growth formula (24:43)
  • The idea of creating an NFT around a community as a viable model (28:17)
  • Insane use cases for NFT's being applied to nonprofits and churches nowadays (31:29) 
  • Why NFTs are gonna be big in the next couple of months (32:13)
  • Where most ads will be run in the very near future and why you should be preparing for it (34:10)

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