Growing your Agency Responsibly Through Partnerships and Client Retention featuring McCain Kennedy

Apr 7, 2021

My guest today is McCain Kennedy, founder and owner of Set Fire Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Orem, Utah. Set Fire Creative works with small to midsize businesses and specializes in marketing funnels including social media management, paid social advertising, remarketing ads, landing page creation, and conversion rate optimization.

In this podcast, McCain shares what it means to grow responsibly, how to keep your small to mid-sized business clients happy, and why retention is key to growing an agency. Listen until the end for some mixed martial arts discussion and what MMA can teach you about being a successful agency owner or founder.

This Cast Covers:

  • Developing a passion for marketing since high school and working in a marketing agency straight out of college (01:11)
  • Working with small to midsize business vs. enterprise agency clients (02:25)
  • His journey from being a freelancer turned agency founder of Set Fire Creative (07:13)
  • What his first few projects were like and offering services “for experience” (07:38)
  • How the agency views growth and what growing responsibly looked like for their agency (14:50)
  • Growing from having 1 full-time employee to now having a 15-employee strong team in just a span of 2 years (18:45)
  • What Set Fire Creative is looking to invest for the future (19:54)
  • The importance of qualifying your clients (22:05)
  • Plans of exploring a traditional marketing medium that will set them apart in Utah Valley (25:57)
  • How Set Fire Creative has gone about sales and what their sales process is like (29:13)
  • Working with partnerships and adopting an abundance mindset (29:39)
  • Areas of the agency business that might still need some work and how McCain plans to address them and move forward (33:26)
  • The importance of setting proper expectations and validating small businesses (38:56)
  • Why retention is key to growing your agency successfully and responsibly (44:48) 

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