SOTR: If You Want Massive Gains, Embrace the Chaos and Keep Moving Forward

Dec 10, 2021

In this episode, we talk about why you are making the mistake of focusing on content marketing before focusing on sales. While it’s a really worthwhile strategy to invest in, we recommend that you do not make it your main focus and prioritize sales instead. We also talk about wealth building, why your network is your net worth, strategic partnerships, and the four disciplines of execution.  

This Cast Covers:

  • The greatest use of your time in moneymaking (02:37)
  • How to handle the FOMO of wanting to invest in all kinds of things
  • What Joey learned from his fractional financial officer on wealth-building (04:34)
  • What is infinite banking and why is it an incredible tool you should check out? (07:03)
  • Entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship; and why salespeople are the closest you can get to becoming an entrepreneur (15:38)
  • Should salespeople build their own personal brand or try entering into thought leadership? (17:56)
  • Which should weigh more, sales or content marketing? (23:23)
  • Why having a solid audience makes it so much easier to sell (25:54)
  • How to uplevel your network, a.k.a. why if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room (33:26)
  • Just be the kid who invites the cool kids to the party (35:59)
  • Is Joey a fan of strategic partnerships that are centered around someone white labeling and selling your service for him? (41:03)
  • The 4 disciplines of execution Joey excels at and naturally struggles with (45:00)
  • The top two things that lead to the lack of success in all aspects of life (46:00)
  • How to navigate the whirlwind of agency life while also mitigating the risks (47:12)
  • Control the chaos and still focus on the things that really matter amidst the chaos (48:19)
  • Something you can add to your shutdown routine that has been proven very helpful for JJ (50:00)

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