SOTR: Four Reasons You are Failing at Growing Your Agency

Dec 3, 2021

Have you ever had a sales conversation where it feels like your prospect is just not buying what you're selling? If so, then you’re probably not giving them enough chances to say yes to you. In this episode of Sales on the Rocks, we’re gonna help you change that so that you can get your first yes in a sales conversation and keep that momentum flowing throughout so you can finally have them saying yes to your offers as well.

Trust us, you are doing yourself and your agency a huge disservice if you don’t listen to this podcast.

This Cast Covers:

  • Why we’re not drinking any alcohol for the time being (01:20)
  • Taking on the 75 Hard Challenge (02:23)
  • When you hyperfocus on a goal and lose sight of other areas of your life (08:22)
  • Getting your first yes in a sales conversation and why that's important (15:18)
  • Some tactics that you can bake into the conversation to aim specifically at getting that yes from a prospect (17:29)
  • What is a situational appraisal and why do you need to talk about it with your prospect? (18:21)
  • Why Joey’s still recording his sales calls despite him being a beast at sales (21:18)
  • The difference between being persuasive and what Joey terms “data-led selling” (22:33) 
  • Four buckets that most agency owners fall into which is why they are failing at agency growth (26:35)
  • Why we shouldn’t be depending on tactics to grow the agency (30:17)
  • Examples of these tactics such as Linkedin automation, podcasting, and cold email 
  • Diversify your outreach and prospecting and don’t just stick with one tactic (32:16)
  • How the Best Damn Agency mastermind is unlike any other agency mastermind you will see anywhere (36:39)
  • Is empathy the single most important quality for a salesperson to possess? 
  • If Joey had to put together the perfect sales profile, what would be that salesperson’s characteristics (38:19)
  • A quote from the book 33 Strategies of War that challenged JJ’s perspective on being antagonistic (45:06)
  • Joey and JJ’s two very different takes on antagonism (50:45)
  • A challenger sale is someone who is able to challenge someone on the way that they think (50:56)
  • How the quote has made JJ aware of his blind spot that still needs working (53:02)
  • Defining who your “enemy” is (57:07)

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