Blending the Best of Both Worlds in the Cannabis Space through Programmatic Advertising featuring Chris Shreeve of PrograMetrix

Dec 1, 2021

Chris Shreeve is the Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at PrograMetrix, a data-driven programmatic agency that helps brands and agencies improve their programmatic strategy and execution through advanced technology and unrivaled service to increase digital advertising ROI. His expertise spans a diverse range of verticals but he has developed his strongest partnerships over the years in Sports & Entertainment, Higher Education, Travel, Healthcare, and Finance.

He prides his work on building strong, long-term relationships that help brands of all sizes enhance their online presence. Chris accomplishes this by understanding his clients’ key business needs, challenges and goals while applying a comprehensive strategic plan to provide unique solutions to address each business need.

In this episode, Chris shares what he loves about programmatic advertising, which is a very interesting model considering all the regulations and challenges, especially in the cannabis space. We also talk about PrograMetrix, what they do, what challenges and obstacles they see in the near future, and what will happen as more federal regulation and more states wildly accept cannabis, and how that’s going to impact his agency.

This Cast Covers:

  • The key focus of PrograMetrix and how they’re working towards planting their flag as a leader in paid media in the cannabis world (03:57)
  • How Chris Shreeve ended up working in this space and what he was doing in the ad tech world before running the agency (05:53)
  • Did the team ever experience any conflict about controversies surrounding serving an unregulated industry like cannabis? (07:52)
  • How showing their interest in the cannabis space instead of hiding it led to more mainstream advertisers interested in working with them (08:58)
  • Creating pods to serve multiple audiences who have different service structures and campaign management and optimization (09:35) 
  • Hiring a marketing manager and creating a 30-32 page whitepaper which served as the entry-level 101 to the cannabis space to generate leads for their marketing agency  (12:15) 
  • Why we are at a pivotal turning point in terms of legalization of cannabis and therefore investing heavily in the cannabis industry (14:06)
  • One of the really unique components is that each state has its own regulations in terms of owning equity, owning a dispensary, or getting licenses (15:44) 
  • Why programmatic advertising is the way to go if you want to market your cannabis or CBD brand (16:54)
  • Is Chris seeing any success with influencer campaigns in the cannabis space? (18:49)
  • What is programmatic advertising and when is the right time to bring into an agency serving the cannabis industry? (22:29)
  • How Programetrix is getting their leads both through inbound and outbound sales efforts thanks to Chris (24:47)
  • Why Linkedin is the best place to be right now if you’re a business owner or marketing agency working in the cannabis or CBD space (25:58)
  • Why NFT is also a huge space for the cannabis industry (28:07)
  • Hurdles and challenges Chris foresees as the leader of his ship and how he plans on overcoming them (30:46)
  • Specific strategic things that you as an agency owner or founder must invest in to grow in the future (33:16)
  • How big or small is Chris’s TAM or total addressable market that would work with PrograMetrix in the cannabis space? (34:26)

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