SOTR: Do the Hard Shit and Get Your Teeth Kicked in with Sales

Nov 26, 2021

Over here at the Sales on the Rocks podcast, we would argue with anyone that sales is the most important part of your business and it should be treated as such. We know that you can’t afford to spend hours and hours every day trying to figure out what content to post on social media or how many emails to send out each week. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of setting goals, how we should be shooting for the moon, and why we need to focus on building relationships with our clients through sales instead of wasting time creating marketing content for them. 

What’s in Joey’s Glass: Peerless® Single Barrel Bourbon

What’s in JJ’s glass: Rabbit Hole Cavehill 4 Grain Bourbon

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey and JJ talk about taxes or more specifically, how to get away with taxes (01:12)
  • Taking on a more assertive, leadership role works really well with someone who takes on a really strong supporter role (05:31) 
  • Goal setting – should it be done annually or monthly? (08:52)
  • Joey’s advice for agency owners and founders who want to try launching a podcast (19:21) 
  • Why a podcast is a great content marketing flywheel (22:44)
  • The times when Joey ever left someone pissed during a sales call (24:12)
  • A time when JJ was shat on by a prospect during a sales call (27:05)
  • What to do when someone is trying to take control of the sales conversation (27:52)
  • Why it is so important to have regular touchpoints with your sales reps (30:22)
  • How often do prospects cancel on Joey? (31:20)
  • How to mitigate no-shows or cancellations (31:00) 
  • Keeping your sales reps from falling into a slump and why having a shutdown scorecard can really help determine where the slump is coming from (36:30)
  • Why people in ministry can make the best type of employees (43:30)
  • More industries that translate pretty well into marketplace employees (44:54)
  • What are some things that most agencies need to stop doing? (47:33)

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