SOTR: The One Thing That’s Stopping You From Blowing Up Your Revenue

Nov 5, 2021

Think you’re ready to blow up your revenue and scale your sales team but can’t figure out what’s standing in the way? This Sales on the Rocks episode might help you as we break down the process of setting high-level revenue targets so you know exactly what that looks like. We also cover how to ensure you’re targeting the right goals for your sales reps that aren’t too lofty nor too low, how to instill healthy competition among your sales teams, what to do when you’ve got a sales rep that isn’t performing well and needs to be fired, and how to go about hiring a recruiter to look for your next sales hire. Plus, Joey answers questions related to sales rapid-fire style.

What’s in Joey’s Glass: The Glenlivet 18 Year Old 

What’s in JJ’s glass: 9-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey’s organization system for collecting articles and newsletters and why he stopped reading articles about sales (04:29)
  • The healthy ratio of things learned to action items taken according to JJ (08:17)
  • Joey answers some rapid-fire questions related to sales (12:47)
  • Joey’s best tech tool for outbound sales and favorite agency podcast other than Best Damn Agency Podcast (12:53) 
  • The best sales advice Joey ever received and the biggest single deal he’s ever won (13:00)
  • Why Joey learns more about sales from non-sales specific fields such as psychology (15:14)
  • What does an achievable result for an agency that wants to scale its sales operation look like? (15:49) 
  • Is your total addressable market (TAM) keeping you from scaling higher or faster? (17:39)
  • Core pillars of a great sales culture (22:23)
  • How to identify benchmarks or set goals if you want to scale your sales team (27:36)
  • Closing the gap between identifying your specific sales targets and engineering the benchmarks for your individual sales reps, right? (29:54) 
  • Conversion metrics you should be looking for to ensure your new sales team or sales hire is performing well both quantitatively and qualitatively (33:04)
  • If Joey had to give up meat or alcohol for the rest of his life, which would he choose? (43:20)
  • How to remove your emotion of the equation to not let a failing sales rep tank your business (46:12)
  • Should you look for a recruiter to find you sales talent? If so, how should you go about compensating your recruiter? (49:12)
  • What to do when you cannot afford to hire a recruiter and can only lean into your personal network (57:05) 
  • JJ asks a personal question on how much longer Joey sees himself as the CEO and owner of an agency and what Joey plans to keep doing in the future specific to the Best Damn Agency Mastermind 

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