SOTR: If You’re Not Making Mistakes, You’re Probably Not Trying Hard Enough

Oct 29, 2021

In this episode, we talk about what it’s like checking items off from your goals list, transitioning from employment to becoming a CEO, and good ol’ sales. Sales topics consist of selling multiple services, doing demos, serving a particular niche, and most importantly, how to do sales calls effectively and efficiently.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Energy Drink

What’s in JJ’s glass: Good ol’ coffee

This Cast Covers:

  • Why setting big goals and creating a vision board is so important (07:26)
  • Joey’s journey transitioning from being a handsomely paid VP of sales to starting his own business and the events that led up to that (09:09) 
  • How to prioritize and create more margin in your life as a CEO and other areas in life (13:42)
  • Determining which things to get off your plate and how to delegate it to someone else (15:48)
  • If Joey were going to jump on to a pre-existing company sales team, what would he prefer to sell? (19:46)
  • Taking a focused, proven offer and creating a process to get it in front of the right people to develop a relationship and trust (21:43) 
  • Why Joey prefers to sell multiple services rather than just selling one solution as long as it’s in a vertical niche (23:55)
  • The only mindset you should maintain in every sales call with a client or prospect (24:17)
  • Why you should only really talk about the past, present, and future in every sales call (28:23)
  • Is doing demos a yay or nay for Joey? (32:01)
  • Why you should never do work for free (33:41)
  • Differences between the SaaS world and the service world and why one requires demos more than the other (36:10)
  • Mirroring as a useful tool in day-to-day sales context (38:50)
  • The only two people who are not successful working with Sales Driven Agency (44:01)
  • One of Joey’s mistakes on a sales call with a client he didn’t like to work with which backfired on him (49:30)
  • Joey predicts the rise of local and regional agencies in the next coming months or years (52:02)
  • If you hire and train the right SDR, your results will go off the roof (54:41)

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