SOTR: Fire Yourself from the CEO Seat and Let Your Team Put Out the Fires featuring Ryan Redding of DP Marketing Services

Oct 15, 2021

Ryan Redding is the Owner of DP Marketing Services, a digital marketing firm for HVAC, plumbers, and other home service industries. Ryan is also the Owner of Hippie Cow, LLC, a web design and SEO agency for small businesses. Ryan has an MBA from Northeastern State University and a background in business development. He was previously the Acting Director of the Center for Technology Commercialization at Oklahoma State University. 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast long enough, you probably heard this advice once or twice from us before: If you’re a CEO leading a 7 to 8 figure agency, you need to fire yourself from either the sales, marketing, or fulfillment seat and let your good team of people do their job. Ryan Redding shares how he went from working 80-90 hours a week to now averaging 8 hours a week and how his agency gets tons of inbound leads. Plus, get to know how to write emails that cut through the noise and learn how to leverage them for outbound sales even if you’re just starting out.

What’s in Ryan’s glass: The Macallan 12-Year-Old – Double Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

What’s in Joey’s glass: Glenlivet 18

What’s in JJ’s glass: Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This Cast Covers:

  • Why Ryan chose to offer marketing to the trucking and plumbing services industry and describes their ideal customers (05:02)
  • How Ryan got his life back by making some pretty drastic changes in his business (07:26)
  • The taste of freedom working only 8 hours a week compared to 80-90 hours a week back in July of 2021 (10:24)
  • How he was able to take a huge chunk of time off by equipping his team and setting up the right systems (10:24)
  • The mistakes he used to make that kept him glued to the CEO seat (11:55)
  • The one tactic they use to get a ton of inbound leads (18:07)
  • How this tactic allows them to be really aggressive in increasing their prices (21:22)
  • Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency? Joey shares his thoughts (23:09)
  • Challenges that Ryan and his team had to face during the pandemic in terms of client retention and keeping their business afloat (28:53)
  • Why COVID-19 turned out to be a great time for plumbing, HVAC, and home services (30:00)
  • How they dealt with undergoing two years worth of churn in 2 months due to the political landscape changing (31:51)
  • Ryan’s plans for DP Marketing Services in the future (33:36)
  • How to craft a kickass email copy for outbound prospecting (39:11)
  • What kind of levers should you pull to get the attention of your readers or prospects?‘ (39:55)
  • A short but sweet simple first email in less than 20 words that Joey sends with an open rate north of 40%, reply rate of above 30%, and positive response rate of 50% of those who replied to the email (55:56)
  • When and how to use the campaign scaling method (1:00:05)

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