SOTR: The Mistake that Kills Almost All Sales Conversations (Making Assumptions)

Oct 8, 2021

We don’t wanna give anything away too early, but this might have been one of our best SOTR episodes to date. Why? We give you the lowdown on how to finally be free of lead disease, take advantage of your lowest hanging fruits so you can start making more money, and what to do to get your prospects nodding their head and saying yes to you from the moment they book a call all the way to the close. 

It’s 7:30 in the morning, and we just got back from the Best Damn Agency Mastermind retreat. So no one is grabbing a drink. Today, we’re sipping coffee only.

This Cast Covers:

  • How JJ crushed it in the Best Damn Mastermind retreat in Scottsdale (02:03)
  • Joey’s biggest takeaway after captaining the ship and hanging out with these rockstar CEOs and agency founders (03:26)
  • Why the BDA Mastermind’s goal is more about helping CEOs build wealth beyond sales, business, and growing an agency (05:59)
  • Investing in making our agency as profitable as possible so that it can spin off cast flow to build more wealth (07:16)
  • The two lowest hanging fruits most agency owners leave out that could have easily given them the highest return on investment (09:50)
  • This campaign works almost like clockwork and can literally get you 300 grand (or even more) out of thin air or  (13:22)
  • Why a lot of agencies suffer from problem-solver ADD and how to actually cure this disease (15:16)
  • Being proactive rather than reactive in life and business can really make a huge difference  (15:59)
  • Why it’s important to have a healthy balance of viewing life on the dance floor and viewing it from the balcony (16:55)
  • How often should you tweak what’s already working right? (20:13)
  • The importance of quarterly reviews by yourself especially if you’re a CEO or founder (22:29)
  • Having trusted advisors to vet the new idea you’re planning to implement (23:59)
  • The funny thing about pricing is it’s actually mostly guesswork (27:16)
  • Creating an ideal decision-maker profile and how it’s different from an ICP (32:15)
  • The most common mistakes most business owners do when creating their IDMP  (36:48)
  • How do you start doing effective helpful research on your ideal client profile if you're just getting into a new niche? (38:08)
  • Why we push getting into conversations with your prospects instead of just assuming how they are like (39:49)
  • Getting to know the personalities of your prospects and mirroring (44:40)
  • The more important thing than closing clients (47:44) 
  • Questions you should be asking when you make conceptual agreements with your clients (51:01)

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