Scaling Your Creative Digital Agency featuring Andrew Clark of Humanaut

Oct 6, 2021

Andrew Clark is a founder and Chief Strategist of Humanaut, a brand production studio based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that works with both startups and established brands to get good things inside people's brains. They help innovative brands who make things that are good for people and the planet. 

In his early years, Andrew studied literature and the history of ideas in pursuit of a Ph.D. but left the program to become an entrepreneur. His first start-up venture used new technology to revive the written word in a rare-book business. In 2011, Andrew and David started working together and launched several apps and new startups. They founded Humanaut in 2013.

This Cast Covers:

  • How Chattanooga, Tennessee sparked the startup community and became pioneers of the gig internet in a small town (01:08) 
  • What they do inside Humanaut and how they get good things inside people’s brains (06:55)
  • Why Andrew and David are picky with clients and now only work with established brands that are mission-driven and values-based (07:57)
  • Helping emerging brands not just market to a niche but figure out how to take their message mainstream (11:49)
  • What the hell is Mother Brain??? (13:04)
  • An innovative way of how Humanaut sources and recruits talent and why they went that route (16:19)
  • Andrew shares some work they’ve done for Dickel Tennessee Whisky and what he loves about working with spirits brands (20:11) 
  • How do you scale brand strategy or creative work? (26:32)
  • Why most advertisers and marketers pay attention to the wrong things and what they should focus on instead (31:31)
  • Brands have to be built for change (30:19)
  • What’s next for Humanaut in terms of innovating, the obstacles they’re currently facing, and how they plan to solve them in the future (35:10)

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