SOTR: The Weird Things We Do To Get Our Prospects’ Attention

Oct 1, 2021

In this episode, we talk about the more creative, out-of-the-box ways of getting our prospects’ attention, optimizing the inbound sales process, how to practice future pacing with your prospects, and how to leverage LinkedIn to drive actual leads and start actual conversations.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Jesse James America's Outlaw Barrel Strength Tennessee Whisky

What’s in JJ’s glass: MMaker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 

This Cast Covers:

  • The most unique thing Joey’s ever done to get the attention of a prospect and get them to a closed deal  (09:13) 
  • Where does inbound fit into the entire sales hierarchy and how important is it to start building a process for it? (15:51)
  • An effective way to optimize inbound by qualifying the people you want to work with through an application form on your website (16:22)
  • Why Joey would rather prioritize building an outbound sales strategy first (18:15)
  • Three crucial things founder-based sellers can do if they can’t afford to hire a salesperson just yet, (18:52)
  • The roadmap to start building out your very own sales operation (23:50)
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to drive actual leads and start actual conversations all the way from building a profile to outreach (24:47)
  • Getting the fundamentals right on your Linkedin profile so it becomes an optimized landing page for anyone interested in working with you (26:18)
  • What is future pacing, what does that look like for the prospect and why is it so important? (36:52)
  • Joey makes a note about future pacing that some salespeople or founder-based sellers often get wrong (38:20)
  • Super detailed methodology for nurturing warm leads (42:33) 
  • Creating a playbook that’s repeatable once you figure out what works the best for you in terms of inbound sales (47:50)
  • What does the role of an email list play in nurturing warm leads and does it convert to a meeting (49:23)

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