Create Memorable Edutainment Content That’s Bound to Get You More Leads, Sales, and Conversions featuring Alex Sheridan of Impaxs

Sep 29, 2021

Alex Sheridan is the founder of Impaxs, who helps companies, entrepreneurs, business owners capitalize opportunities on Linkedin, help generate real revenue business through Linkedin content, utilizing social selling, Sales Navigator, and creative video editing service to build, solidify and enhance their brand at the same time.

Tune in to our conversation and learn why now is the best to utilize Linkedin especially if you’re an agency owner, how he stumbled onto unleashing his creative and how he helps transform business owners into revenue-generating content creators on Linkedin, and how you can turn your Linkedin into a lead machine.

This Cast Covers:

  • How Alex considered himself a weird kid when he was younger who wrote music and rapped and acted in class (03:39)
  • Having this itch to go and build a business from scratch but also feeling pressured to enter the corporate scene (04:48)
  • How he stumbled upon creating Linkedin video content by coming up with good business quality material wrapped up in entertainment, a.k.a. edutainment (05:46)
  • Why being a single dad pushed him to start his own social selling company (07:37)
  • What Joey realized from one of the most life-threatening wrecks that happened to him recently (09:31)
  • How do you convince an agency owner that it’s worth building their brand, credibility, and authority on Linkedin (12:56)
  • Lead gen strategies and call to action frameworks you can use on Linkedin (17:45)
  • Why you should look at your Linkedin profile as a landing page and what elements to put in each section (23:24)

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