SOTR: They Don’t Stay Because of You, They Stay Because of the Relationship

Sep 17, 2021

Corey Morris is the Chief Strategy Officer of Voltage, a digital marketing agency based in Kansas City. Voltage partners with clients to create award-winning strategies focused on design, development, search engine optimization, paid search, and marketing campaigns. For the past 15 years, Corey Morris has worked in strategic and leadership roles in the digital marketing industry. In 2015, he led the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) Cities initiative in Kansas City upon founding the KC Search Marketing Conference and currently serves as VP for the worldwide SEMPO Cities Program.

Corey also shares his knowledge about the search industry as a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal and speaker at local and national events on SEO and digital marketing topics. He also formerly served as co-host of a monthly tech radio show called Tech Circuit.

In today’s SOTR episode, we're going a little deeper as we listen to huge life learnings and reflections about the ‘why’ behind why we do sales with none other than Corey Morris of Voltage, a digital marketing agency focused on design, paid search, marketing campaigns. Learn how you could close deals left and right for your agency despite having no sales background at all. 

What’s in Joey’s glass: Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Batch #76 Limited Edition Single Barrel

What’s in JJ’s glass: Bulleit Rye – Small Batch | Straight Rye Mash Whiskey

What’s in Corey’s glass: Woodford Reserve – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This Cast Covers:

  • If Corey could add any past or present chiefs player to his current sales team, who would he pick in each role and why? (05:41) 
  • The last time Joey and Corey were totally off the grid (09:17)
  • Learning to delegate necessary leadership roles to test the efficiency of your agency even without you leading real-time (13:08)
  • What Corey’s work history was and what he has exactly done for the company (14:13)
  • The pros and cons of Corey stepping into a sales seat for a digital agency despite having a single sales-specific background (14:29)
  • How Corey’s experience on talking with people about deep and genuine topics about their lives has played a role in selling his business (19:52)
  • How Corey has learned to value conversations and relationships despite being an introverted extrovert (21:37)
  • Genuinely caring a lot about people and the outcomes and dreams that they have (23:53) 
  • Why Corey thinks having all the money does not solve all of a person’s problems (25:00)
  • The one change that Corey made in the past 12 months to Voltage and sales operation that's made the biggest impact (31:12)
  • What Corey is most excited about for the Scottsdale trip (34:10)
  • Joey’s recent awesome conversation with his business man crush: Alex Hormozi (38:27)
  • The one thing that Joey really ‘took and run with’  from his conversation with Alex Hormozi (40:11)
  • How to spot good sales consultants from bad ones in the sales space for agencies (42:29)
  • The difference between a Coach/Consultant and someone who actually goes to solve the problem (43:00)
  • Why you would rather invest top dollar upfront than building a sales operation on your own (50:15)
  • How Joey knows right away that he’s got a prospect client on the hook (54:11)
  • How Joey approaches every client: outbound vs. inbound vs. referral (58:13) 

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