How Training Your Mind Can be the Quickest Way to Scale Your Digital Agency featuring Austin Schneider of Brandtegic

Sep 15, 2021

Austin Schneider is the Founder & CEO of Brandtegic, a collaborative digital marketing company that helps its clients look as good as they are by carefully designed strategies to elevate their brand. They specialize in brand management, consulting, creative, paid media, and more. 

After seeing the challenge of social media and applying his gift in solving business problems in the marketing field, he grew Brandtegic to about 20 full-time employees in a short period of two and a half years. By utilizing the great power of his mind, Austin has assisted his entire agency in its journey to personal development. Today, he continues to work with medium-to-large service-based industries in order to help them thrive, appreciating the grind, serve others, and ultimately serve God.

Learn how training your mind can help your agency organization scale, how Austin assisted his team on their personal development journey and the biggest realization he has about delegation in this episode.

This Cast Covers:

  • Austin's background, what he does, and how Brandtegic came to fruition (01:41)
  • His unique story starting from scratch, marketing himself in real estate and eventually grew into an agency with 20 full-time employees (02:05)
  • The importance of faith and personal development in aligning oneself (03:12)
  • Being a visionary vs. being an implementer type (03:54)
  • Why every agency should invest in personal development especially as CEOs (06:06)
  • Austin's commitment to personal development, and why he considers this his most valuable asset (06:18)
  • Personal development is being able to grow, leave yourself and become a perpetual learner (06:51)
  • How to transform and train the mind into a powerful tool for success (07:23)
  • Growing our identity through the Law of Attraction (09:44)
  •  Your mindset is your greatest asset (10:22)
  • Growing up without an entrepreneurial family inspired Austin to adopt a growth mindset and stop thinking about scarcity (11:18)
  • Our brain’s reticular activating system has the greatest influence on our subconscious minds (14:10)
  • Austin shares practical tips on how to train your mind to think right every day (16:42)
  • The nature versus nurture aspect of beliefs (18:57)
  • A journey through Austin's agency life and how personal development has helped his whole organization scale (22:21)
  • Why personal development should focus on making it about the people rather than scaling up (24:10)
  • His biggest realization about delegation and why chasing more money will cause you more stress than growth (29:14)
  • The importance of creating a healthier environment for teaching and becoming people-centric (30:58)
  •  How to sustain continued growth and avoid the noise in the agency space (31:46)
  • Austin's vision for Brandtegic, and steps to overcome hurdles and address future challenges (37:47)

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