SOTR: The Secret to Selling Real High-Ticket Shit

Sep 10, 2021

Alex is a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and president of We Do Web Content, an Inc. 5000 business. His firm devises content and marketing strategies and produces online content for law firms, medical professionals, and small businesses nationwide.

He counsels hundreds of clients with the broad knowledge gained from his direct experience in digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, and social marketing. Alex is also a frequent contributor to the Search Engine Journal and is a Forbes Council Member and contributor.

What’s in Joey’s glass: E.H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel Bourbon

What’s in JJ’s glass: Michter’s Kentucky Straight Rye

This Cast Covers:

  • What would it take Joey and Alex to up and leave and step away from running their own agencies? (05:03)
  • How can jiu-jitsu training or any type of sport with lots of physical activity help in becoming a good leader or sell better? (10:44)
  • Is jujitsu a big part of what makes Alex successful as an agency owner or in sales? (14:39)
  • What it was like for Alex to change the business model his company has had for  13 years (16:18)
  • The whole mindset you create when deciding to think positive (17:52)
  • Joey uses tornadoes as a metaphor to talk about the power of our choices (18:41)
  • How to leverage speaking in conferences and becoming keynote speakers into lead gen and turn it into actual business opportunities (21:08)
  • When Alex decided to do something completely different at a conference which made the crowd go fucking nuts (23:38) 
  • One of Alex’s biggest pivots this year (30:58)
  • Alex’s biggest wins as a founding member of Best Damn Agency Mastermind (36:15)
  • How to test a new offer against different industries (42:08)
  • Joey talks about the pay for performance business model or performance-based pricing model (47:36)
  • Leveraging long-form content as a lead gen tool in the agency space (49:35)
  • How Joey made his first hire and why that decision was pivotal for him and his business (54:30)

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