How To Create $100M Offers People Feel Stupid Saying No To featuring Alex Hormozi

Sep 8, 2021

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Alex and his wife Leila are exemplars of early success. At the age of 30, their portfolio of companies—which is made up of SAAS, e-commerce, and training as well as traditional brick and mortar businesses—went beyond $100M in total revenue generated over the course of just 3 years (and now does $85 million per year). Alex is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to bootstrap and grow their businesses to the point where they could support important social causes that improve the quality of lives of underprivileged communities.

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This Cast Covers:

  • The benefits of niching down and why so many people hate it (06:10)
  • Why you should aim to build authority fast and how you can do that by committing to a specific niche (13:13)
  • The three categories of growth-driven agencies (16:05)
  • When to stop obsessing over lead gen and focus on client value and win rate (17:33)
  • The power of investing in a business so it becomes an asset that generates passive income rather than staying as a well-paying job (21:55)
  • The best book on offer creation, offer structuring and picking a target market (23:31)
  • What the value formula is and how it can help you identify the differentiating factor that makes life easy for you and your business (25:29)
  • How Alex came up with the idea to create the book because he wanted to put concrete definitions around the term value (26:10)
  • How and why you should keep your product—especially if it’s a course—shorter, not longer
  • Alex’s philosophy on life, business, and legacy (42:07)

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