SOTR: How to Not Do Shitty Roleplays

Sep 3, 2021

In today’s episode, we talk about the differences between sales leadership roles, sales managers, and sales coaches, what assets you should be looking at as a sales manager, and what to do when your sales rep or team hits a slump. We also talk about why roleplaying is so important to up your game as a salesperson, things to look for when hiring for a sales leadership role, and a time when Joey’s superhuman ability to not get drunk failed.

What’s in JJ’s glass: Peerless® Single Barrel Bourbon

This Cast Covers:

  • JJ kicks off the episode by asking Joey to describe the last time he got super drunk (03:27)
  • What would Joey do differently if he would start Sales Driven Agency all over again? (05:50)
  • Why most agency founders struggle with shiny object syndrome and one-time hit tactics (08:11)
  • Which hat should you put on if you were a sales manager, sales leader, or sales coach? (10:00) 
  • How to build out the framework for each sales leadership, coaching, and management process and the important components of each role (10:29)
  • Why not all good salespeople can be great sales leaders (11:20)
  • How a sales coach should handle team meetings and one on one meetings on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis (12:06)
  • The different assets you need to give you insight into what your people are doing from a management perspective (12:14)
  • How often should sales managers conduct performance reviews and why it’s important to have both quantitative and qualitative reviews for each salesperson (13:46) 
  • Keeping these things in place will make your life as a sales manager so much easier (14:14)
  • The assets you should care the most about as a manager (14:18) 
  • Joey’s hiring criteria for vetting somebody, bringing someone in, or promoting somebody to fill out those three roles (16:19)
  • One of the most common mistakes agency owners and founders make when building out their sales operation and hiring people for the sales leadership role (20:31) 
  • Why momentum is an incredibly powerful force in anything we do (21:58)
  • What to do when your team hits a slump and loses momentum (22:25)
  • How to not do shitty roleplays (32:50)
  • Why is sales roleplaying so important and when or how often should sales reps be doing this? (33:47)
  • The types of personas you need to imagine sitting across the table from you in a sales conversation (35:39)
  • Is it a worthwhile investment for a founder to roleplay with their sales reps? (38:40)
  • Should agency owners consider giving incentives to account managers? (40:48)
  • Create micro foot-in-the-door offers for future services (43:11)
  • How Joey values generosity in a strategic perspective and the types of things he gets fired up about to give (48:00) 

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