SOTR: Your “F*ck You” Attitude is Your Competitive Edge

Aug 27, 2021

A lot of what makes up the agency space right now are overly corporate, super buttoned-up, and overly professional because they think that’s how to play the game. Brian Cross took a different approach to build his personal brand and Elasticity’s brand, and we’re gonna find out exactly what he did. 

In this episode, you’ll get to know Joey and Brian’s attitude on life that’s brought them more clients, more sales, and more money. Tune in to find out why Joey’s face got all messed up, but stay for the little game we play at the very end. This podcast is gonna keep you entertained all Friday night.

What’s in Brian’s glass: The Yamazaki 12-Year-Old | Single Malt Japanese Whisky

This Cast Covers:

  • The crazy story of how Joey ended up having stitches on his face from his trip in Northern Tennessee (03:06)
  • How we met Brian and the cool things they’re doing over at Elasticity (11:17)
  • What makes Brian and his team stand out despite being a full-service agency (17:15)
  • Why following the rules is the worst marketing decision you'll ever make (18:23)
  • The story behind appearing on Zoom with a panda over his head (20:46)
  • How he’s built his personal brand and the company Elasticity’s brand (23:55)
  • What Joey preaches to every salesperson before going into a sales call (26:34)
  • Why most agencies aren’t able to be innovative and authentic in terms of marketing (31:16)
  • Brian’s outlandish fashion sense and how that ties into his personal brand (33:55)
  • Why most people can’t pull off wearing Squidward sneaks even if that’s pretty cool and awesome too (36:36)
  • What’s rotten berries got to do with STDs? (39:05)
  • The happenings inside the Best Damn Agency Mastermind (41:33)
  • The last time we compromised on our authentic selves and didn’t hold up to our values (44:17) 
  • Which NFL quarterback would you choose to create your sales team of? (53:10)

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